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How I can help you get a government grant

Tell me a bit about your business and why you need a government grant

I review your response and recommend some government grants to apply for

I can then assist you prepare a grant application

Ben Cusack – Founder

I started Bulletpoint as I love working with small businesses and helping them grow.
I noticed how Government Grants can transform good businesses into great businesses.

Some of our recent successes

We assisted Keech secure $141,700 to purchase a 3D digital printer for prototyping and pattern making.

We assisted Now Hiring secure over $600,000 to commercialise software for the education sector.

We assisted Abey secure $250,000 to buy five high-speed of five robots and 3 conveyors.

We assisted Sterling Pumps secure over $200,000 to commercialise a new type of submersible pump.

There are over 600 grants available worth over $50 billion

Which one is right for you?