Up to $5,000 is available to help with cricket facilities improvement and management of clubs and associations across Victoria.

Cricket Club Capacity and Workforce Development Grants



The Cricket Club Capacity and Workforce Development Grants  are an initiative of the Community Cricket Program: On Common Ground a significant four-year partnership between the Cricket Victoria and the Victorian Government to support cricket participation growth in Victoria.



The Cricket Club Capacity and Workforce Development Grants aim to assist with the upgrade/replacement of cricket facilities, support participation growth and develop the growing base of volunteers and administrators that manage clubs and associations across Victoria.



There are three streams of funding within the Club Capacity & Workforce Development Grants:

Funding Stream One – Minor Facilities

  • Minor improvements to cricket facilities (for example, a synthetic pitch replacement).

Funding Stream Two – Workforce Development

  • Activities aimed at supporting cricket administrators, volunteers, coaches, umpires, volunteer boards, club development, association development projects and strategic planning (for example, a club or association mentoring program, an umpiring or coaching program targeted to community groups that are under-represented in cricket).

Funding Stream Three – Participation and Equipment

  • Activities that aim to support the increase of participation at a cricket club within the local community and also align with Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia and the Victoria’s Government’s participation growth objectives (for example, community targeted participation programs, safety equipment such as helmets, modified training and coaching equipment to cater for all abilities, ground equipment such as rollers, mowers and covers.

One club can submit one application, with multiple funding streams. For example, Citizen Cricket Club can submit one, and only one application. That application can request;

  • $3,000 to upgrade a synthetic centre wicket under Funding Stream One – Minor Facilities.
  • plus another $1,000 for putting their volunteers through coaching and first aid courses, under Funding Stream Two – Workforce Development
  • plus $1,000 for a junior club kit and junior helmets under Funding Stream ThreeParticipation and Equipment.
  • That is a total of $5,000 across all three funding streams.

The maximum award is $5,000 per application.


Eligible Projects

The following areas are eligible for funding under the Funding Stream One- Minor Facilities:

  • Minor facilities upgrades including turf and synthetic practice facilities.
  • Turf and synthetic match playing facilities.

The following areas are eligible for funding under the Funding Stream Two- Workforce Development:

  • Sports safety education.
  • First aid training
  • Programs that support workforce development including;
    • Umpiring courses.
    • Coaching courses
    • Administrator and volunteer education

The following areas are eligible for funding under the Funding Stream Three- Participation and Equipment:

  • Injury prevention equipment and education.
  • Cricket specific equipment.
  • Support for participation programs.


Eligible Applicants

This opportunity is open to all clubs and associations affiliated with the following bodies:

  • Victorian Premier Cricket (VPC) and Women’s Community Cricket Competition
  • Victorian Sub District Cricket Association (VSDCA)
  • Victorian Metropolitan Cricket Union (VMCU)
  • Victorian Country Cricket League (VCCL)

Clubs and associations must be based in Victoria, and be properly constituted and registered as an incorporated body. Clubs must be able to provide a copy of their constitution if requested.

Requests for funding of facilities located at schools and universities must be linked to and submitted by cricket clubs/associations, and also be accompanied by details of current tenure agreements at the venue.



Applications close 4 September 2016.


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