10 Ways to Finance your Business

What’s the market like for raising funds for your business? 

10 Ways to Finance your Business


What’s the market like for raising funds for your business?  The Churchill Club has been asking this question for 10 years.  Certainly principals such as control, ownership and risk never change,  but there are constantly new ways of going about it.



Existing players are also changing the way they approach investing and  the cost of money is fluctuating as tech is becoming more appealing to a market no longer focused on sending iron ore to China. Certainly the American model of Seed and Series A etc, doesn’t match the reality of financing in Australia, so what is our reality?

In a tenth anniversary blockbuster event for the Churchill Club, they decided to put on a huge panel with all the options so we can get a comprehensive view on the options available to Australian business, without the filtering and obfuscation of corporate advisors.

You will hear from perspectives from:

  1. The Accelerator Program
  2. The Angel Investor
  3. The Banker
  4. The Crowdfunder
  5. The Government Grant Consultant
  6. The Operational Finance Specialist
  7. The Platform Funder
  8. The Private Investor
  9. The Stock Exchange Lister
  10. The Venture Capitalist



Tim Heasley – Partner & COO, Artesian (On Accelerator Programs)

Jordan Green – Chairman of Melbourne Angels (On Angel Investing)

Ricky Lee – Area Manager CBD, ANZ Bank (On Using Banks for Finance)

Nick Karolidis – Director, OzCrowd (On CrowdFunding)

Ben Cusack – CEO, Bulletpoint (On Government Grants)

Eve Blackall – Principal, Smart Accounting (On Raising Funds through your Operations)

Steve Torso – CEO, Wholesale Investor (On Using a Platform to Raise Funds from Investors)

Ben Killerby – CEO, Saxon Klein (On the Private Investor Mindset)

Rory Cunningham – Business Development Manager, ASX (On Listing on the Stock Exchange)

Laura McKenzie – CEO, Scale Investors (On Accessing Venture Capital)



Brendan Lewis – Chairman of the Churchill Club


Further Details

The Leveson Hotel, 46 Leveson Street, North Melbourne
Thursday 22nd October 2015

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