26TEN Grants

Up to $50,000 is available under the 26TEN grants for employers to help workers improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

26TEN Grants

26TEN Grants

26TEN helps businesses, community groups, government, educators, and individuals to work together so all adults have the reading, writing, numeracy and communication skills they need for life.

One way we help is to provide grants for:

  • employers to build skills in literacy, numeracy, and communication in their workforce
  • communities to work together to build skills and clear communication.



26TEN Grants support employers and peak bodies to run projects to increase the literacy and numeracy skills of Tasmanian workers (paid and voluntary). Projects can include improving all aspects of workplace communication, for example, to:

  • re-write work documents in plain English
  • make sure there is appropriate signage
  • train supervisors and managers to support workers to build the literacy and numeracy skills they need to do their job.



26TEN seeks to encourage action by the whole state through increasing the awareness and understanding of literacy issues and the importance of clear communication, and providing support and programs to improve literacy and numeracy levels and the use of plain English in Tasmanian businesses and communities.

Employers will contribute to this goal by allowing their employees to participate in literacy development projects. This can include releasing employees during paid work hours to attend literacy support programs, dedicating work hours to training with integrated literacy support or providing whatever assistance the employee needs to participate. Projects may also include improving all aspects of workplace communication.



Applicants can apply for a grant in the range of $5,000$50,000 (including GST).


Eligible Projects

Eligible activities include:

  • general literacy skills development (in the form of individual or group support)
  • training with integrated literacy support
  • digital literacy for low skilled workers, with low literacy and numeracy
  • training for staff about how to work with low literacy staff or clients
  • surveys, consultations, research or other activities to determine the literacy needs of employees within your business/organisation/industry
  • resource development to support literacy skills development of the target employees
  • activities to make work documents easy to read (eg written in plain English).


Eligible Applicants

This grant is open to:

  • employers operating in Tasmania
  • Tasmanian industry associations and peak bodies
  • registered training organisations (in partnership with Tasmanian employers, industry associations, peak bodies).

This includes public, private and voluntary organisations.

Priority may be given to projects:

  • from micro, small and medium sized businesses
  • that target workplaces with a large proportion of workers with low or no qualifications
  • that target industries that have been identified as having high literacy needs:
    • agriculture, forestry and fishing
    • manufacturing
    • electricity, gas, water and waste services
    • building and construction
    • retail, accommodation and food services
    • transport, postal services and warehousing
    • administrative and support services
    • tourism and hospitality
    • mining
    • health care and social assistance



Applications close 10 March 2017.


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