Did you know the government will pay for 50% of your marketing costs?

But there is a catch.

It is only if you are marketing your product overseas. 

Do you have a product that can be easily distributed overseas like software or information technology?

If so, why limited yourself to Australia?


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The Australian population only represents
less than 0.5% of the world’s population

What can you spend your money on?

Eligible costs include:
- attending trade shows
- export marketing consultants
- overseas marketing campaigns
- Facebook and Google ads.

Up to 50% of anything that helps boost your overseas market is claimable.

You just need to have paid the money to market overseas with an existing product.

Last year the government handed out $131.45M worth of grants to companies promoting exports overseas.

    A guide on how to get the Government to pay for half your marketing costs

    Ben Cusack - Founder of Bulletpoint

    I started Bulletpoint as I love working with small business and helping them grow.
    I noticed how Government Grants could transform good businesses into great businesses. So I started to apply my management consulting experience into identifying how to successfully win grants for organisations.

    How do I help businesses?

    I tell you plain and simply what grants are available to you at no cost. 

    Most of the time I tell potential clients not to bother applying for grants.

    If I recommend a grant to you, I also tell you all the reasons why you would and wouldn't get it. So you can make an informed decision.

    If you need help with the writing of the grant then I can make the process much easier and increase your chances of getting funded.