Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) Beneficial Grant

What is the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) Beneficial Grant?

The Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) Beneficial Grant is a program which supports one-off projects that will benefit Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.

The ABA beneficial grant funding is broad in scope and flexible enough to support a wide range of activities, with a focus on action to achieve clear and measurable benefits for Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, with payment linked to the achievement of results and intended outcomes.

Applicants should frame their proposal under one of the following ABA funding categories:

  • Supporting enterprises
  • Supporting community
  • Supporting culture, language and leadership
  • Supporting land, sea and waters management and use.



The Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) is a Special Account under the Strategy that contributes to the Government’s priorities for Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory specifically under the Jobs, Land and Economy Programme.

The Indigenous Advancement Strategy (Strategy) began on 1 July 2014 with the objective of achieving real results in the key priority areas of getting children to school, adults into work, and building safer communities where the ordinary rule of law applies. Under the Strategy, the Government has streamlined more than 150 individual programmes and activities into five broad based programmes to make it easier for organisations delivering important services in communities. The five programme streams are:

  • Jobs, Land and Economy
  • Children and Schooling
  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Culture and Capability
  • Remote Australia Strategies.



The Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) contributes to the Government’s priorities for Indigenous Australians through:

  • Getting Indigenous Australians into work
  • Fostering Indigenous Business
  • Ensuring Indigenous people receive economic and social benefits from the effective management of their land.



Up to $30 million is available for ABA beneficial grants per financial year. The final amount of funding available is at the discretion of the Minister for Indigenous Affairs (the Minister) and contingent on any priority activities approved by the Minister, as well as the number and scope of suitable applications received.

Grant funding is allocated for small projects valued up to and including $250,000 and large projects valued over $250,000. There is no minimum or maximum amount of grant funding that can be applied for under ABA beneficial grants.


Eligible Projects

To be eligible for the ABA Beneficial Funding:

  • Projects that have a start and end date. ABA funding is not for ongoing programmes.
  • Projects that will be delivered in the NT.
  • Projects that are for the benefit of residents
  • Projects that support the participation of Indigenous controlled organisations.
  • Projects that promote employment of Indigenous Australians.
  • Projects that demonstrate they are not the responsibility of mainstream funding.
  • Business projects that IBA consider are viable.
  • Land acquisition or agriculture projects that the ILSC consider are viable.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet may fund activities consistent with the following funding categories and outcomes:

Supporting Enterprises – to support improved economic outcomes through small, medium or large business investments which foster wealth creation for current and future generations of Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory.

This category may fund activities leading to one or more of the following outcomes such as but not limited to:

  • Support to assist Aboriginal people to generate economic and social benefits from economic assets
  • Investment in economic development for Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory.
  • Seed funding for initiatives to deliver economic development or business outcomes for Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory.

Supporting Community – to improve the benefits for Aboriginal people living in community including to the quality of life or services offered.

This category may fund activity leading to one or more of the following outcomes such as but not limited to:

  • Providing access to education, sporting, community or cultural facilities
  • Supporting the purchase of capital items for the benefit of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.

Supporting Culture, Language and Leadership – to enhance cultural activities for Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory or support the maintenance or recording of language, and undertake education and leadership training.

This category may fund activities leading to one or more of the following outcomes such as but not limited to:

  • Improving leadership and governance capacity of Aboriginal people, families, organisations and communities
  • Maintaining culture, supporting healing, protecting Aboriginal heritage.
  • Providing access to, and supporting or enhancing, Indigenous broadcasting and communications services
  • Improving participation in society, and acceptance of Aboriginal people
  • Strengthening the capacity of Aboriginal organisations so that they are able to effectively deliver Government services to Aboriginal people and communities.
  • Engaging Aboriginal people on decisions over matters which affect them
  • Improving participation in society, and acceptance of Aboriginal people, including through access to Indigenous interpreters.
  • Providing support for the recognition of Aboriginal people in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution.

Supporting Land, Sea and Waters Management and Use – to enable Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territory, to engage in land, sea and river management to assist in protecting and caring for Aboriginal land.

This category may fund activities leading to one or more of the following outcomes such as but not limited to:

  • Supporting employment outcomes for Aboriginal jobseekers, including retention at 26 weeks.
  • Providing employment, training and participation services and build skills and work readiness of Aboriginal job seekers in remote Australia.
  • Deriving economic benefit in the management of sea and land management and use.


Eligible Applicants

The preference is for ABA to be delivered by Indigenous owned or controlled organisations.

Indigenous individuals (sole traders) based in the NT are also encouraged to apply.

Applicants must have:

  • an ABN and be registered for GST
  • ‘full legal capacity’ to enter into an agreement with the Commonwealth

Applicants must not be:

  • bankrupt or subject to insolvency proceedings
  • non-compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012
  • an unincorporated association

The preference is for non-Indigenous and/or non-NT based organisations to partner with NT based Indigenous organisations with the NT-Indigenous organisation submitting and managing the application. Whenever possible, it is preferred that partnership involves a skills transfer to the NT based Indigenous applicant.

 It is important to note that the preference is for:

  • Funding not to be requested for costs relating to non-Indigenous employment or non-Indigenous consultancy. If these costs are essential, then the preference is for these costs to be covered by the applicant either through financial co-contribution or in-kind contribution.
  • The application to identify any interstate or international travel in the budget. These will be considered by the delegate.



Applications close 18 September 2020.


More Information



Atyenhenge-Atherre Aboriginal Corporation
The project will develop the Santa Teresa store including a caravan cafe (incorporated into the applicant’s Merne Mwarre ‘good food’programme), a shed to house new and second hand furniture and local art work, refurbishment of a toilet block for public use, and a playground.

Barkly Regional Council
The project will purchase a vehicle that can be primarily used by the Urapuntja Aged Care Sector to ensure consistent delivery of services to the remote clients in outstations. Secondary usage will be transport for attending appointments and cultural excursions to country for aged care clients.

Central Land Council
Funeral and ceremonial support to assist community members by way of funding the costs associated with traditional funerals and ceremonies that take place.

Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation
The project will purchase eight Mobile Solar Light Towers which will; 1. Support evening AFL, softball and youth activities at both Kalkarindji and Daguragu Ovals; 2. Support public safety at the annual Freedom Day Festivals, whilst eliminating a significant annual rental costs; 3. Support Gurindji construction and maintenance enterprise undertake night works.

Kakadu Billabong Safari Camp Pty Ltd
The proposal is to develop and expand the existing Kakadu Billabong Safari Camp business. The business has invested in an accommodation facility based around safari tent style camp in the area of their traditional lands in Kakadu National Park. The proposal would involve expanding the camp and building business capability. The consolidation plan incorporates purchasing assets such as troop carriers, camp kitchen equipment, a software system and IT

Kalano Community Association Inc
This project will construct playgrounds in three member communities of the Kalano Community Association, to provide a safe environment for children to play and learn. The project would include the playground equipment as well as soft-fall matting and security fencing.

Ngaliwurru-Wuli Association
The project will construct an ablution block and large veranda/family area to the existing accommodation (previously constructed as Brumby Plains Community Enhancement Project 1). The works are needed to support the considerable number of people that reside at the premise.

Northern Land Council
The project will provide financial assistance to Indigenous people living in remote Northern Territory to relieve financial hardship when people are grieving for a lost (deceased) family or clan members. The support does not replace personal responsibility of the individual, rather provides help to preserve and maintains traditional Aboriginal cultural practices and responsibilities in a kinship sense.

Rurrangala Bush Produce Pty Ltd
The project will construct a building and pay for part of a water bottling factory to be located at Rurrangala in East Arnhem Land. Rurrangala Bush Produce (RBP) will maintain ownership of all means of production and lease these facilities at a commercial rate to the Arnhem Beverage Company (ABC).

Tijimbat (Teachabout, Inc.)
The project will provide funding to facilitate community programmes in Jilkminggan in the 2018 January and July school holidays. The programmes will provide learning through cultural, vocational and academic based activities. Tijimbat provides paid work for community members engaged in the facilitation of activities for kids aged 15 and below.

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