“Applying for An R&D Tax Incentive Rebate can be a complex and time consuming task, I make sure your application is compliant and reduce the chance of an audit”

Ben Cusack – Founder


Bulletpoint works with innovative companies to secure the R&D Tax Incentive

We also publish some of the latest grant news and recipient information so your business can access some of the best funding to grow your company
Bulletpoint was started in 2011 by Ben Cusack and is based in Melbourne but services clients all around the country.

Why R&D Tax Rebates?

I started Bulletpoint as I love working with innovative businesses and helping them grow. I noticed how the R&D Tax Incentive can transform good businesses into great businesses. So I started to apply my management consulting experience into identifying how to successfully secure this funding for clients.

Life before Bulletpoint

I started Bulletpoint after having spent three years in Management Consulting. Most of this work was related to business planning, developing strategic advice.
Much of this skill and writing style transferred into writing grants. This was done on a small scale for commercialisation grants for SMEs, infrastructure grants for local councils and research grants for Universities. Before being a management consultant I spent 6 years as a chemical engineer before undertaking an MBA.

Starting Bulletpoint enabled me to specialise in government grants.

See more on Linkedin.

Where Did I Start?

As you have probably discovered, there are hundreds of grants out there and it is virtually impossible to know where to start. You can spend forever looking for the perfect grant, only to find out that it closed the week before. 

I found this out too, so I started aggregating all the possible grants into one website. See some of the latest grants here.

Also, I put many of them on  Linkedin , so make sure you follow me there.

Who Do I Help?

I have helped many organisations across many industries secure grants. My passion lies with working with growing and innovative businesses to secure tax rebates for Research & Development

I generally work with:

  • Manufacturers/Engineers/Creative $1M to $50M
  • IT/Software Developers $0M to $5M

Essentially anyone developing their own product!


Check out some of our case studies for an example of who I have helped in the past.

Can I get an R&D tax rebate for your industry?

The process of getting an R&D tax rebate is almost identical across industry. The Government basically want to know:

Australia's highest rated R&D Tax Consultant Read the 200+ Google Reviews

Is there an R&D grant for you?

I work with businesses by first understanding where they are at. Questions that I generally ask about your business to determine a fit for government grants are:

Fill out the quiz and see what result it gives you. Once I have a good idea about your business we can recommend the next steps. Read more about the process here

Is there an R&D grant for you?

Probably not! ha ha. I like to be real and honest. Despite what the government propaganda tells you and the scam artists promise you, there is not a mythical land of grants out there. Also, just because you are eligible, doesnt mean that you are competitive. I know what being competitive looks like.
If you get the R&D tax incentive and the EMDG, you are getting 99.%% of the grants that are available to you. Other competitive grants do come and go, but you need to be in the right place at the right time. Check out the news section to see what is there.

Can I help you get a grant?

Maybe? You can see by my writing style that I know how to communicate and get the message across. That is why I have 200+ google reviews and am the highest rated grant consultant in Australia (by a long way).

If you know what grant you want then contact me, if you dont then fill out the quiz and will send you some info.

What are the chances of getting a grant?

It can be as low as 5% or up to about 30%. It is really dependent on how broad the criteria is and what they are offering. But be prepared for it to be competitive. Are you sure you should be applying. See if I can assist you work it out.

What is my success rate?

On rebates like R&D and EMDG it is 100%. On competitive grants, not sure. I dont measure it. Anyone that quotes a number is full of crap. It is a bit like judging how good an accountant is by what their average tax refund is. I know how to write grants and make you look good but I can’t change who the company is, what they have done and what their project is. But I can certainly tell you what the strengths and weaknesses are and how we can either highlight them or address them.

Do I work with all grants?

No. I work mainly with the R&D tax incentive and some competitive grants that are over $250,000. Anything smaller is not worth using a consultant for.

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