“Applying for government grants can be a complex and time consuming task, I aim to make your grant application stand out and maximise your chance of receiving funding”

Ben Cusack – Founder, Bulletpoint


Why Government Grants?

I started Bulletpoint as I love working with small business and helping them grow. I noticed how Government Grants could transform good businesses into great businesses. So I started to apply my management consulting experience into identifying how to successfully win grants for organisations.

Where Did We Start?

As you have probably discovered, there are hundreds of grants out there and it is virtually impossible to know where to start. You can spend forever looking for the perfect grant, only to find out that it closed the week before. I found this out too, so I started aggregating all the possible grants into one website. We aim to provide timely information on the latest grants available.

Who Do We Help?

We have helped many organisations across many industries secure grants. Our passion lies with working with growing and innovative businesses to secure grants for Research & Development, Capital Upgrades, Commercialisation and Export.

Check out some of our case studies for an example of who we have helped in the past.

What Do We Do?

We work with businesses by first understanding where they are at. Questions that we generally ask about your business to determine fit for government grants are:

  • How innovative is your product or service?
  • How financially viable are you?
  • What track record of success can you show?
  • What do you need to grow your business further?
  • How will a grant transform your business?

Once we have a good idea about your business we can recommend the next steps. Read more about the process here.

Life Before Bulletpoint

Prior to founding Bulletpoint, I worked for a boutique management consultancy where I led projects in business planning, economic analysis, financial modelling and strategic planning.  My industry focus at this company was in the health, education and research sectors.

Before this, I was employed for three years in the consulting division of a large accounting firm. I worked on a number of government panels including the Solar Flagships and Renewable Energy Demonstration Projects. I also undertook many assignments in the clean tech industry including, water treatment technology, solar, biofuels, aquaculture, and smart meters. Types of projects included business planning and commercialisation advice.

I have also spent seven years working as a project manager on infrastructure installations for a large dairy company specialising in waste water treatment systems and major capital upgrades.

I have a bachelor’s degree with honours in Chemical Engineering & Science (Chemistry) as well as a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science from Melbourne University. I also hold an MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

Jacob Withers – R&D Specialist

Over the last three years, Jacob has worked as a technical analyst for R&D grants, working with a wide range of Australian and international companies. Having completed and assisted with over 200 successful applications for the R&D Tax Incentive, Jacob has worked on projects across IT, engineering, and scientific disciplines to ensure their eligible offset.

Most notably, Jacob has worked with Black Magic, Cook Medical, Aquatech Water Purification, Samumed, and a range of other international companies, having established and proven a fundamental understanding of R&D and grant analytics. Jacob also edited a journal outlining R&D substantiation for US grants.

Jacob has a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing, majoring in Literature.