Up to $100,000 is available from ACCAN to support research, representation, or education projects that address issues for communications consumers in Australia.


ACCAN Grants Program

The ACCAN Grants Program funds projects which either undertake research on telecommunications issues, represent telecommunications consumers, or create educational tools which empower consumers to understand telecommunications products and services and make decisions in their own interests.



ACCAN is Australia’s peak body for consumer representation in communications. ACCAN’s vision is for communications services that are trusted, inclusive and available for all. They work on emerging consumer and technology issues and aim to inspire, inform and enable consumers to act in their own interests.

The ACCAN Grants Program is administered as part of our funding agreement with the Department of Communications and the Arts to fund projects that help achieve their vision.

ACCAN is committed to best serving telecommunications consumers by administering a high quality Grants Program that is responsive to consumer needs. A number of changes will feature in the 2019 Guidelines, which ACCAN hope will better reflect the time and effort taken to apply for grants, particularly for applicants from the community sector.



The ACCAN Grants Program focuses on outcomes for communications consumers. Through the Program we seek to enable consumers to navigate the communications market, and to establish a sound body of evidence for representation on behalf of the communications consumer.

The Program is designed to:

  • support ACCAN’s ongoing consumer education objective;
  • to represent and maintain diverse consumer interests at the core of policy developments and industry initiatives; and
  • to support the provision of well researched, evidence based input into government and industry consultations.


Funding Streams

Research Stream

  • Applications in this stream are for consumer-focussed research;
  • Applicants may be from any sector (eg. industry, academia, community);
  • Applications may be for projects of up to $100,000 value, or up to $50,000 value
  • Applications over $50,000 may be for projects up to 2 years duration;
  • Applications under $50,000 may be for projects up to 1 year duration.

Education and Representation Stream

  • Applications in this stream are for work that is predominantly consumer education and/or representation focussed;
  • The lead applicant must be from the community sector, or demonstrate strong community partnership;
  • The project uses, or supplements, existing ACCAN resources;
  • Applications may be for projects of any value up to $50,000;
  • Applications may be for projects of any duration up to 1 year.


Eligible Projects

Projects may produce outputs of different sorts in order to address consumer needs and deliver outcomes. For example, your project may fit into one, or more, of these areas:

  • Research – applied research into the social, economic, environmental or technological effects, experiences and implications of communications for consumers. These projects should use appropriate methodologies to document a particular communications consumer issue or explore the experience of a group of communications consumers. Outputs can include, for example, baseline data sets, research reports that detail fieldwork and findings, and articles.
  • Education – that empowers consumers and communities to act in their own interests in relation to communications issues. These projects might include developing consumer education tools, conducting workshops, or peer education initiatives where systemic or emerging communications consumer issues exist. Education may be on topics such as billing issues, how to make a complaint about phone or internet services, consumer rights in relation to communications services, or digital literacy.
  • Representation – of the interests of consumers in relation to communications issues. These projects might involve action such as developing specific submissions, undertaking policy work, participating in regulatory reviews or knowledge sharing to develop your group’s capacity to advocate on consumer issues. Projects that fall under this category can be directed, for example, towards regulatory bodies, industry or consumers themselves.

Projects may address the needs of large numbers of consumers, or significant needs of smaller numbers of consumers, or both.

In order to be eligible for assessment, applications must be completed and submitted prior to the advertised deadline and meet all eligibility criteria. Applications that are late, incomplete, or ineligible will not be assessed by the Panel. Applications must:

  • Be for a project that seeks to explore communications consumer issues in Australia, and be consistent with ACCAN’s scope
  • Be for a project that begins after 1 st July 2019.
  • Be for a project that:
    • completes before 30th June 2020 if applying under the Education & Representation Stream
    • completes before 30th June 2020 if applying under the Research Stream project and requesting under $50,000.
    • completes before 30th June 2021 if applying under the Research Stream and requesting over $50,000
  • Provide a valid ABN.
  • Declare that should they be successful they will provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance with coverage up to $5 million.
  • Have successfully acquitted any previous funding under the ACCAN Grants Program.
  • Not request funding for any of the ineligible activities listed.


Eligible Applicants

Eligible projects come from a range of applicants, such as individual researchers, community organisations, local councils and universities – all you need is an ABN and some great ideas.



Applications close 22 March 2019.


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