Accelerating Female Founders Program

Accelerating Female Founders Program

What is Accelerating Female Founders Program? 

The Accelerating Female Founders Program provides grants between $50,000 to $200,000 to organizations for initiatives that support innovative female-led Queensland enterprises to grow and develop.



The Accelerating Female Founders Program is designed to empower Queensland’s innovative enterprises led by women, aiming to elevate their businesses to new heights. By offering financial grants and a platform for developing connections and accessing new opportunities, this initiative seeks not only to foster immediate growth but also to ensure long-lasting impact for the founders and their ventures. It reflects the government’s commitment to supporting diversity and innovation within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, emphasizing the crucial role female founders play in driving economic growth and innovation.

BulletPoint Track Record

Bulletpoint has a strong track record of success in securing grants for its female led clients. 


Bulletpoint assisted Ovira to secure $400,000 from Round 1 of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative Round.

Ovira was founded by Alice Williams, a 27-year old endometriosis sufferer who was inspired to create the new device after years of searching for a pain-management option for her own endometriosis. When she couldn’t find a solution that was drug-free or didn’t involve invasive procedures, she looked for an alternative.

Her fledgling company Ovira has just raised $1.5 million from Blackbird Ventures, to help establish its small egg-shaped electrotherapy device in the market, after promising early sales.


Bulletpoint assisted Airrobe to secure $396,050 from Round 2 of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative Round. AirRobe’s Circular Wardrobe is solving the problem of textile waste by allowing fashion brands to offer their customers a simple way to repurpose their items. The project is building a unique application which captures product data (images, sizing and descriptions) at the time that consumers make a brand new purchase. This enables consumers to return to the application at any time and re-sell, recycle or upcycle their used-fashion in one-click.


The objectives of the Accelerating Female Founders Program are to support Queensland’s innovative female-led enterprises in reaching their next growth stage. The program aims to offer business support initiatives that not only foster immediate growth but also ensure sustained impact and connectivity for the founders and their businesses. It focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs through financial grants, mentorship, and access to crucial business development opportunities, contributing to a more diverse and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Queensland.

Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for the Accelerating Female Founders Program must:

  • Have an active ABN and be GST-registered.
  • Be Queensland-based or utilize Queensland-based subcontractors/key personnel.
  • Be organizations, excluding sole traders, capable of developing/delivering business support for female founders.

Eligible Expenditure

The eligible expenditures for the Accelerating Female Founders Program are:

  • Full or subsidised costs for Queensland female founders’ participation in the business support initiative.
  • Staffing costs to design, modify, and deliver the business support initiative.
  • Resource materials and other reasonable costs associated with delivering the business support initiative, such as venue hire, event/workshop delivery costs, and catering.
  • Return economy class airfares, accommodation subsidy, and reasonable transport costs for the applicant organisation and regional-based female founders’ participation.
  • Publicity, communication, and marketing activities to recruit Queensland female founder participants.


The Accelerating Female Founders Program offers grants from $50,000 to $200,000 for organizations to support innovative female-led businesses in Queensland. Funding targets initiatives to advance early-stage or later-stage development, aiming for long-term impact on female founders’ enterprises.

Eligible Activities

Eligible expenditure for the Accelerating Female Founders Program includes:

  • Launching and scaling products/services
  • Developing and marketing software/apps
  • Marketing of products/services
  • Purchasing project-specific equipment
  • Market expansion
  • Engaging independent management (e.g., C-suite, advisory board)
  • Expanding management teams/establishing boards
  • Professional development access

How to get the Accelerating Female Founders Program

In order to get the Accelerating Female Founders Program you will need to focus on:

  • Demonstrate Innovation and Market Gap – Your initiative should offer a novel approach, fill a market gap, and promise lasting impact.
  • Proven Track Record – Show your organization’s capability and success in delivering similar initiatives and engaging with Queensland’s innovation ecosystem.
  • Engagement and Retention Strategies – Detail your strategies to attract, engage, and retain the target cohort, including risk mitigation.
  • Value for Money – Ensure your initiative represents good value, with a strong delivery plan and budget that maximizes participant benefits.
  • Sustainability and Legacy – Highlight how your initiative will provide ongoing benefits and growth opportunities for participants beyond the program duration.
  • Collaboration and Networking – Illustrate plans for fostering connections that support long-term business growth.
  • Contribution to Ecosystem – Demonstrate how your initiative will strengthen the innovation ecosystem, especially for female founders.
  • Leveraging Learnings from Previous Rounds – If applicable, show how insights from previous funding rounds will improve your initiative.
  • Comprehensive Budget Planning – Include details on budget allocation and any in-kind contributions to enhance initiative delivery.
  • Post-Delivery Support – Outline resources and strategies for continuing support and engagement with participants after the initiative ends.


The closing date for Round 2 of the Accelerating Female Founders Program is 11am on Monday, 15 April.

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