Accelerating Female Founders Program

Accelerating Female Founders Program

What is the Accelerating Female Founders Program?

The Accelerating Female Founders Program is an initiative to support and accelerate the growth of female-led startups in the country.


BulletPoint Track Record

Bulletpoint has a strong track record of success in securing grants for its female led clients. 


Bulletpoint assisted Ovira to secure $400,000 from Round 1 of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative Round.

Ovira was founded by Alice Williams, a 27-year old endometriosis sufferer who was inspired to create the new device after years of searching for a pain-management option for her own endometriosis. When she couldn’t find a solution that was drug-free or didn’t involve invasive procedures, she looked for an alternative.

Her fledgling company Ovira has just raised $1.5 million from Blackbird Ventures, to help establish its small egg-shaped electrotherapy device in the market, after promising early sales.


Bulletpoint assisted Airrobe to secure $396,050 from Round 2 of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative Round. AirRobe’s Circular Wardrobe is solving the problem of textile waste by allowing fashion brands to offer their customers a simple way to repurpose their items. The project is building a unique application which captures product data (images, sizing and descriptions) at the time that consumers make a brand new purchase. This enables consumers to return to the application at any time and re-sell, recycle or upcycle their used-fashion in one-click.

Here are some relevant reviews:

“Bulletpoint assisted me in securing funding for my start-up. Their knowledge and expertise in grant writing were second to none. I highly recommend their services!” – Sarah H.

“Bulletpoint provided excellent support and guidance throughout the grant application process. Their team was professional, responsive, and delivered results. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to secure the funding we needed to grow our business.” – John T.

“Working with Bulletpoint was a game-changer for us. They helped us identify the right grant program, develop a winning application, and secure the funding we needed to take our business to the next level. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking grant funding.” – Emma M.

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The Accelerating Female Founders program will fund organisations to develop and deliver new or existing business support initiatives to Queensland female founders with innovative businesses.

These initiatives include, but are not limited to, accelerators, pre-accelerators, mentoring and business acumen development activities, as well as other tailored initiatives that meet the program’s intent.

The business support initiatives will assist Queensland female founders to take their innovative businesses to the next stage, create connections, and access opportunities that will continue to provide impact to the founder(s) and their business beyond the duration of the program.



The Objectives of the Accelerating Female Founders Program are to:

  • Support female-led businesses: The program aims to provide female entrepreneurs with the necessary funding, resources, and support to grow their businesses and overcome the barriers they may face.
  • Address the gender gap in entrepreneurship: The program aims to promote gender equality in entrepreneurship and address the under-representation of women in the industry.
  • Promote diversity and innovation: The program recognizes the value of diverse perspectives in entrepreneurship and seeks to promote innovation by supporting female entrepreneurs from a range of sectors.
  • Create jobs and contribute to economic growth: By supporting the growth of female-led businesses, the program aims to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and make a significant contribution to the Australian economy.
  • Build a supportive ecosystem: The program aims to build a supportive ecosystem for female entrepreneurs, connecting them with mentors, investors, and other resources that can help them succeed in their ventures.


Applicant organisations may apply for the Accelerating Female Founders Program from $10,000 to $100,000 toward the development and delivery of business support initiatives to be delivered within a maximum 12-month timeframe.

Applications are sought from organisations targeting one or more of the following categories:

  • Category 1: Pre-Accelerator and Accelerator initiatives – short term growth programs providing product development, customer and sales support, networking and connections, pitch/demo days, mentors/expert advisers, business support development and investment opportunities
  • Category 2: Startup/Scaleup business development acumen initiatives – covering topics such as: customer identification, acquisition and retention; investment readiness; marketing and sales; scalability; competitor analysis; governance; forming and managing boards; connections and networking
  • Category 3: Mentoring and advocacy initiatives – matching Queensland female founders with expert mentors for one-on-one or group sessions to grow and scale businesses and open doors to business and investment networks and opportunities.
  • Category 4: Other – applicants may propose a tailored initiative that meets the program intent.



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How BulletPoint can assist you in getting this grant

Here are some ways that Bulletpoint can assist applicants in getting the Accelerating Female Founders Program grant:

  1. Grant application writing: Bulletpoint has a team of experienced grant writers who can assist applicants with preparing a high-quality grant application that meets all the requirements outlined in the program guidelines.

  2. Application review and editing: Bulletpoint can review and edit applicants’ grant applications to ensure they are free of errors and effectively convey the proposed project’s objectives, outcomes, and impact.

  3. Grant strategy development: Bulletpoint can assist applicants in developing a grant strategy that aligns with their business goals, identifies suitable grant opportunities, and maximizes their chances of success.

  4. Grant program research: Bulletpoint can help applicants research and identify other grant programs that may be relevant to their business or project, including those beyond the Accelerating Female Founders Program.

Bulletpoint can assist applicants in several ways to get the Accelerating Female Founders Program grant:

  1. Review the eligibility criteria: Bulletpoint can assess whether you will be eligible to apply for the Accelerating Female Founders Program grant. We can review the program guidelines and evaluate your business and project to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria

  2. Help with the application: Bulletpoint can assist you in preparing a strong application that highlights your business’s unique value proposition, competitive advantage, and growth potential.

  3. Provide feedback: Bulletpoint will review the application with you and provide feedback on areas that can be improved or expanded upon to make a stronger case for acceptance.

  4. Provide guidance on the business plan: Bulletpoint offer guidance on developing a clear and focused business plan that aligns with the company’s vision for growth and incorporates best practices in the industry.

  5. Connect the applicant with relevant resources: BulletPoint can provide the applicant with relevant resources, such as business advisors, mentors, or industry experts, who can offer guidance and support.

  6. Provide ongoing support: Once the applicant is accepted into the Accelerating Female Founders Program, we continue to offer support and guidance as needed to ensure you are maximizing the program’s benefits and meeting their business goals.

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