Automotive Diversification Programme

Up to $1M is available for projects that assist companies diversify out of the domestic automotive manufacturing sector.




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The Automotive Diversification Programme assists Australian automotive supply chain companies to diversify out of the domestic automotive manufacturing sector and thereby retain manufacturing capability in Australia.



The Automotive Diversification Programme was announced by the Government as part of the $155 million Growth Fund which was established to support employees, businesses and regions affected by the closure of Australia’s car manufacturing industry by 2017.



The objective of the Automotive Diversification Programme is to assist Australian automotive supply chain companies to diversify out of the domestic motor vehicle manufacturing sector through investment in capital equipment and thereby retain manufacturing capability in Australia.



Applicants can apply for a minimum grant of $50,000 up to a maximum grant of $1,000,000 (GST exclusive).  The total number of grants that an applicant may receive in a 12 month period may not have a cumulative total of more than $1,000,000 or more than $1,500,000 over the life of the Automotive Diversification Programme.

Successful Automotive Diversification Programme applicants will be required to provide minimum cash commitment which at least matches the total amount of grant funding sought under the program.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply for grant, an applicant must:

  • be a trading corporation (within the meaning of section 51(xx) of the Australian Constitution) incorporated in Australia that is non-income tax exempt and registered for GST;
  • at the time of applying, be an Australian producer of automotive components, an Australian producer of automotive machine tools or automotive tooling, or an Australian provider of automotive services;
  • at the time of applying be a supplier to an Australian original equipment manufacturer;
  • demonstrate that it has completed an independent business capability development activity to improve its competitiveness and business capability, and that this activity has resulted in the implementation of at least one improvement to its business within the two years preceding the date of the application;
  • demonstrate that it is able to fund the costs of its project that are additional to the grant sought;
  • demonstrate that it has a genuine need for financial assistance to undertake its project; and
  • demonstrate that it has access to, or the beneficial use of, any intellectual property necessary to carry out the project.


Eligible Projects

Eligible project expenditure is limited to capital equipment, recorded as a fixed asset in the applicant’s accounts, necessary to undertake the Automotive Diversification Programme project.

Expenditure on capital equipment may include equipment purchased using a finance lease.


Expert Assistance

Writing a good quality grant application is a critical element in the application process. An application needs to be well thought through, written concisely, have clear objectives and purpose, and show clear links to the objectives of the grant guidelines.

The grant application must answer all questions, provide all required information and respond to the merit criteria. It should also reflect your organisation’s business strategy.

Writing a good application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation.

We can assist with demonstrating:

  • whether the project outcome will meet the objective of the ADF to assist Australian automotive supply chain companies broaden their customer and product base, both domestically and internationally
  • the capacity and capability of the applicant to undertake the project
  • the contribution of the project to the economic sustainability of the applicant
  • the contribution of the project to the economic sustainability of the Australian automotive supply chain and the broader economy


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Round 3 of the ADP closes on 17 September 2015.


Grant Recipients

*Round 3 Automotive Diversification Programme:

Applicant OrganisationProject DescriptionGrant Amount (ex GST)Expected Total Investment (ex GST)
Harrop Casting Technologies Pty Ltd (JV with Australloy Pty Ltd atf the Australloy Trading Trust)The project is to establish a full production facility to produce large copper heat exchanger castings of up to 4,000kgs$516,970$1,050,441
ZF Lemforder Australia Pty LimitedProduction of a new, innovative pneumatically operated side-tipping option for large transportation machines in the mining, construction and agriculture industries$603,500$1,898,364
Robert Bosch (Australia) Proprietary LimitedDevelopment and installation of a state-of-the-art high precision assembly line to produce High-Efficiency Diodes for export, new customers and new applications$1,000,000$6,209,000
Maxiplas Injection Moulding Pty LtdCommercialisation of a new range of nestable, stackable and folding transport solutions for the logistics market$1,000,000$2,504,488
Multislide Industries Pty LtdThe project is to introduce advanced product forming capabilities enabling local designers to produce high-end furniture efficiently and at practical volumes$259,100$518,200
Orbital Australia Pty LtdThe project brings in-house capability of combined thermal and vibration compliance testing for satisfying Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) as required to meet Orbital’s defence customer propulsion system needs$101,691$203,382
Backwell I.X.L. Pty Ltd atf The Backwell Unit TrustEquipment to manufacture components for a new generation wide screen gas log heaters$345,000$706,500
Quality Plastics & Tooling Pty LtdDevelopment and manufacture plastic food apparatus for single serve disposable food packets$230,000$460,000
Luna Nameplate Industries Pty LimitedPurchase of machinery to fulfil new licensed consumer product agreements to supply Asia, the U.S and Europe with a range of unique products.$441,122$882,244
Premcar Pty LtdAcquisition of a 5-axis milling machine to develop low cost tooling and parts.$300,000$620,000

*Round 2 Automotive Diversification Programme:

Applicant OrganisationProject DescriptionGrant Amount (ex GST)Expected Total Investment (ex GST)
Australian Precision Technologies Pty. Ltd.Development of advanced manufacturing aerospace and defence capability for large and complex components.$1,000,000$3,170,000
Backwell IXL Pty Ltd ATF The Backwell Unit TrustDevelopment of an innovative fast mounting system for commercial solar rooftop applications.$450,000$900,000
Cutler Brands Pty LtdIntegration of a high speed, multi-colour direct printing and plastic shrink sleeve production line to create world class capabilities not currently available in Australia. The project will target the food, beverage and cosmetics markets.$1,000,000$2,117,136
Luna Nameplate Industries Pty. LimitedThe manufacture of vacuum formed, chrome-effect printed flexible emblems that are suitable for all industries. These emblems are a highly cost effective replacement to the traditional die cast or plastic moulded chrome plated emblems.$109,000$261,000
MHG Glass Pty LimitedThe project encompasses a new architectural glass processing business leveraging existing skills and capabilities.$1,000,000$3,922,070
M.T.M Pty LtdCreation of new car door checks, which control the door closing system, in order to meet the Global Material Management Operations Guidelines.$354,770$709,540
Numetric Manufacturing Pty. Ltd trading as Axiom Precision ManufacturingEstablishment of an advanced aerospace semi-finishing manufacturing cell to support Australian made tail fins for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program.$265,577$751,155
Trident Plastics (SA) Pty LtdCommissioning of an injection moulding machine with a 5000tonne clamp pressure to manufacture a range of non-automotive products for sale in Australia and export markets.$1,000,000$4,775,000
Venture DMG Pty LtdManufacturing of new hybrid shopping trolleys. These trolleys are made from steel and injection moulded plastic and represent the latest global trend in shopping trolley design and manufacture.$498,993$997,986

*Round 1 of Automotive Diversification Programme

pplicant OrganisationProject DescriptionGrant Amount (ex GST)Expected Total Investment (ex GST)
Adelaide Tooling Pty. Ltd. based in Adelaide, SA, as trustee for The 2D Unit TrustEquipment to manufacture steel fixings and metal bracket products for the Australian building industry.$360,000$851,000
Backwell I.X.L. Pty. Ltd. based in Geelong, VIC, as trustee The Backwell Unit TrustEquipment for the manufacture of components for new generation heating, venting and lighting units and other non-automotive products.$205,000$410,000
Blown Plastics Pty Ltd based in Adelaide, SAMachinery to develop and manufacture export packaging for the local fast moving consumer goods industry.$831,250$1,782,500
Ceramet Pty Ltd based in Ballarat, VICNew production lines for products for the solar, electronics and building industries.$340,000$980,000
Dolphin Products Proprietary Limited based in Melbourne, VICEquipment to produce booster detonator retention items for the global mining industry.$540,000$1,160,000
GTS Industries Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, VICIntegrated work cells for steel products used in the domestic and overseas construction, infrastructure and housing sectors.$1,000,000$2,850,000
Monroe Australia Pty. Limited based in Adelaide, SAEquipment to enable the company to manufacture and export powder metal sintered multi tunable valve support components used in shock and strut dampers worldwide.$125,500$270,000
Precise Global Pty Ltd based in Adelaide, SAEquipment to improve the company’s capability to supply hot stamping products into the US.$250,000$575,000
Precision Components Australia Pty Ltd, based in Adelaide, SAEquipment to manufacture heliostat fields for the solar thermal power industry.$1,000,000$2,780,000
Quality Plastics & Tooling Pty Ltd based in Adelaide, SAExpansion of clean room and in-mould labelling facilities to supply thin walled food and liquid containers to the food processing, cosmetic and medical sectors.$600,000$1,200,000
SMR Automotive Australia Pty Limited based in Adelaide, SAEquipment to manufacture illuminated image projection devices for automotive and other industry sectors.$971,474$1,942,948
Venture DMG Pty Ltd based in Melbourne, VICEquipment to manufacture light display panels for retail, commercial and domestic applications within Australia.$500,000$1,400,000

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