Advancing Organic Agribusiness

What is the Advancing Organic Agribusiness?

The Advancing Organic Agribusiness is a program to help organic agribusinesses shift to organic production methods, achieve certification and develop opportunities in organic markets.



The Advancing Organic Agribusiness program provides TAS organic agribusinesses with funding to help them undertake activities that enhance their transition fully or partly to organic production methods, certification or market development.



The Advancing Organic Agribusiness program aims to create awareness of organic methods of production as a business option and help establish support networks for businesses transitioning fully or partly to organic production methods, certification or market development.



There are 2 streams of funding:

  • Stream 1 – funding for activities that enhance knowledge of organic farming systems or organic production
  • Stream 2 – funding for activities that enable the scaling up of organic production or diversification into new products and markets.

The minimum grant amount is $1000

The preferred maximum grant amount is $15,000 (consideration will be given to larger projects of outstanding merit).

Grants will be distributed over 2 rounds 2020-2021 / 2022-2023


Eligible Projects

Any activity or purchase that can be proven to provide enhancement to any aspect of the Tasmanian Organic Industry will be considered.

Applications must provide evidence that show how the proposed activities and or purchases will enhance the Tasmanian Organic Industry. This evidence can be provided in whatever format suits the applications proposal, for example.

  • Financial or production figures prior to proposed activity / purchase with explanation of how the proposed purchase or activity will be implemented and the forecasted improved figures.
  • Steps taken to reach the requirements of Organic certification and the remaining requirements that funding may be allocated to, to reach the official certification requirements.


Eligible Applicants

Applicants must:

  • be a Primary Producer OR an agri-food business operating in Tasmania; and
  • holds an Australian Business Number (ABN) and have held that ABN since September 2020.



Applications close 23 September 2022. 


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