Agribusiness Growth Program

Up to $10,000 is available from Agribusiness Growth Program to help small food or beverage businesses to implement the business improvement recommendations.

Agribusiness Growth Program

Agribusiness Growth Program

The Agribusiness Growth Program aims to accelerate business growth, employment and export development in the State’s agribusiness value adding and food, wine and beverage industries. The 4 year program will assist small value adding agribusinesses and food, wine and beverage producers gain expert business advice on planning and managing their growth.



In the May 2014/15 Budget, the South Australian Government announced the establishment of an Agribusiness Consultants Program, a 4 year, $1.3 million program under the Agribusiness Accelerator initiative being managed through Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA). The program intention is to assist small value adding agribusinesses and food and beverage producers gain expert business advice on planning and managing their growth.

The services will provide them with:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of their current business position and growth plans.
  • An evaluation review report which lays out business improvement and growth actions.
  • Action plans that can specify business management skill areas that would benefit from expert coaching.
  • Business management skill coaching.



The Agribusiness Growth Program aims to assist small value adding agribusinesses and food and beverage producers achieve their growth plans by supporting independent consultant assessment of their business competitiveness, growth capabilities, and development of business improvement recommendations. Improving business management aspects such as strategic business planning, market assessment, investment readiness, risk management, management accounting, and business structure can be critical to sustainably managing business growth.



The consultant services that will be funded come in two formats, Business Evaluations and Business Coaching.

The Business Evaluation will be provided at full cost by the program.

Business Coaching services that are recommended in the business evaluation may be taken up, and the program will fund up to a maximum of $10,000 per business with the business contributing a minimum of 25% of the total cost of services up front.



To be eligible to apply for assistance through the Agribusiness Growth Program, an applicant must:

  • be a financially viable and solvent South Australian registered agricultural value adding, or food or beverage business
  • have been in operation for 2 years or more and incorporated in Australia with non-tax exempt status
  • have products and markets with the potential to expand
  • post farm-gate value-adding activity considered eligible includes turning milk into yoghurt, bagging lettuces etc.
  • be willing to provide information and data, including financial information to enable sound business evaluation
  • have an annual turnover between $0.3m and $1.5m
  • have some level of existing planning for growth which would benefit from independent review

Selection of applicants from those that meet the eligibility criteria will be based on the following merit criteria and made on a first in first serve basis.

  • Quality of business growth potential material provided
  • Projected long term jobs and export growth potential
  • Extent of market and product development understanding shown
  • Level of business planning and management competence shown

Selection for entry to the program will be based on the application satisfying the eligibility and merit criteria and awarded on a first in first served basis until all funds are committed.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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