Agrifutures Australia RD&E Investment

Agrifutures Australia RD&E Investment provides organisations with funding to conduct research that will improve the sustainability and profitability of new and established rural industries.


Agrifutures Australia RD&E Investment

Agrifutures Australia provides funding to organisations to conduct research for rural industries that do not have their own Research and Development Corporation (RDC), including:

  • rice
  • chicken
  • meat
  • honey bee and pollination
  • thoroughbred horse
  • pasture seeds
  • export fodder
  • ginger and
  • tea tree oil.

Funding is also available to help establish and expand new rural industries, including:

  • deer
  • buffalo
  • kangaroo
  • camel milk.



AgriFutures Australia is a new beginning for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC). They are an organisation that proudly focuses on the future of Australian agriculture.

AgriFutures Australia is primarily funded by an annual Australian Government appropriation. Other funding sources include:

  • Industry levy funds (R&D expenditure is matched dollar for dollar by the by the Australian Government)
  • Voluntary industry contributions.

Other contributions come from Australian Government-specific programs, private companies, rural RDCs, state and territory governments and research providers.

These funds are invested to achieve our strategic research, development and extension goals.

AgriFutures Australia partners with Australian rural industries and the Australian Government through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Other stakeholder groups include research providers, the CSIRO, other RDCs, compliance agencies, supply chain companies, community leaders, individual farmers and the general public.



AgriFutures Australia’s vision is to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries. In practical terms, this means:

  • Initiatives that attract capable people into careers in agriculture, build the capability of future rural leaders, and support change makers and thought leaders
  • Research and analysis to understand and address important issues on the horizon for Australian agriculture
  • Research and development for established industries that do not have their own Research & Development Corporation (RDC), including the rice, chicken meat, honey bee and pollination, thoroughbred horse, pasture seeds, export fodder, ginger and tea tree oil industries
  • Research and development to accelerate the establishment and expansion of new rural industries, such as deer, buffalo, kangaroo and camel milk.



To be eligible, you must:

  • be conducting research which is of direct benefit to the specified Australian rural industry
  • comply with all reporting requirements
  • agree to disseminate valuable project intellectual property and project material in accordance with the research proposal.



Applications close 8 August 2019.


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