Agristarter Loans

What is the Agristarter Loans?

The Agristarter Loans is a grant opportunity to help farmers to either assist them in starting their own farming business or to plan for and implement succession arrangements.



The Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) is offering AgriStarter loans to encourage and support people in obtaining their first farming business, or to assist with farm business succession planning and giving effect to succession plans.

There are two kinds of AgriStarter loans – succession loans and first farmer loans. Succession loans are available to help applicants undertake succession activities (being the succession planning process or activities identified in that process). First farmer loans are available to help eligible loan applicants to:

  • purchase a farm business or a controlling interest in a farm business, or
  • establish or develop a farm business in which the applicant has or will have the sole or a controlling interest (including by funding the purchase of land, infrastructure, equipment or stock, and covering other farm costs such as operating expenses).



The Australian Government, through the RIC, is providing AgriStarter loans to assist eligible applicants to:

  • buy an existing farm business
  • establish a new farm business
  • develop a farm business that the applicant has recently established or acquired (or will establish or acquire), or
  • to support succession arrangements in respect of the farm business.



AgriStarter loans can be for up to $2 million.

The initial loan term is ten (10) years, with interest-only repayments for the first five (5) years and principal and interest repayments for the final five (5) years. A variable interest rate applies to the loans.


Eligible Projects

Use this loan to​:

  • fund the purchase of an existing farm business, including land, infrastructure and other farm business assets
  • fund the purchase of land, infrastructure and other farm business assets as part of establishing or developing a farm business
  • buy out relatives during farm business succession
  • pay costs associated with the succession planning process
  • pay for legal costs or stamp duty

If you recently purchased a farm business, or received it as part of succession arrangements and are seeking capital to get it up and running, you can use this loan to:

  • invest in new infrastructure, machinery or productivity enhancements
  • cover operating expenses
  • refinance certain existing debt at our low interest rate to improve cash flow


Eligible Applicants

You can apply for a first farmer loan if you are seeking to purchase, establish or develop a farm business in which you hold or will hold the sole interest or a controlling interest.

You can apply for a succession loan if your farm business is undertaking or has undertaken succession planning.


  • are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • contribute or plan to contribute at least 50% of your labour to the farm business
  • earn or plan to earn at least 50% of your income from the farm business (under normal circumstances)

Your business:

  • is in financial need of a loan
  • is financially viable or has sound prospects of becoming financially viable within the term of the loan
  • undertakes all primary production aspects of the business wholly within Australia
  • operates as a sole trader, partnership, a trust or a corporation
  • is registered for tax purposes in Australia with an ABN and is registered for GST
  • has the capacity to repay the loan
  • has existing commercial debt or can obtain commercial debt.
  • is not under external administration or bankruptcy
  • has at least one member who is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident
  • has a connection to ‘constitutional trade and commerce’

You must:

  • provide security for the loan
  • secure the support of your commercial lender for the proposed loan
  • repay the loan



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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