Ansvar Community Education Program

Up to $50,000 is available from Ansvar Community Education Program to support education and life skills programs reaching thousands of young people across Australia.

Ansvar Community Education Program

Ansvar Community Education Program

Ansvar Community Education Program provides a range of grants to organisations supporting Australian youth through programs that fall under two categories – Empowerment and Education, and Outreach and Support.



Since the grants were first awarded in 1994, Ansvar has contributed over $10 million to education and life skills programs reaching thousands of young people across Australia.

Ansvar Insurance supports programs for Australians under the age of 25 which fall into two categories:

  1. Empowerment & Education – Programs which provide opportunities to develop positive values that lead to healthy lifestyle choices and a positive contribution to our community.
  2. Outreach & Support – Programs that support youths who are at risk or are already experiencing difficulties (such as drug and/or alcohol abuse) through rehabilitation and/or skills training.



Ansvar Community Education Program will consider grant applications up to $50,000. The grant will be a one-off cash grant for the program specified and is not intended as a recurring funding source.



For a grant application to be considered it must meet all of the below listed criteria:

  • Program must target Australian youth under the age of 25 and fit into one of the two above listed grant  categories
  • Program must be intended to be sustainable beyond receiving a grant from Ansvar Insurance
  • Applicant must be a not-for-profit organisation with DGR status
  • Grant request must not exceed $50,000
  • Grant request must be for the purpose of funding a specific program.


Current Recipients

  • Anglicare: Waves of Wellness
  • Hunter Life Education: Adopt a School
  • Ocean Heroes: Ocean Heroes
  • One Voice for Aussie Youth Ltd: Elevate
  • Schools Ministry Group: Life Matters “The Blueprint to Becoming a Man” Workshop
  • Skilling Australia Foundation: Career Edge Brisbane
  • Zoe Support Australia: Breaking the Cycle and Building Bridges



Applications close 15 October 2018.


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