Art Education Initiative

Up to $100,000 is available to support organisations that provide better youth education and stimulate creativity.

Crown Resorts Foundation


The Crown Resorts Foundation Melbourne and Perth Art Education Initiative is an eight-year joint commitment of the organisations, working to provide young Australians with more opportunities to engage in the arts.

Incorporating education, the programs will promote creativity as well as encouraging participants to engage in their local community.



The Crown Resorts Foundation has been established to formalise the Crown Resorts community involvement program and aggregate the range of community initiatives, some of which are already, being undertaken in Australia.

The Crown Resorts Foundation is committed to creating and supporting opportunities across the community that inspire positive change.

As the philanthropic arm of Crown Resorts, the Crown Resorts Foundation provides engaged financial support to programs with demonstrated success in the areas of the arts, community welfare, education, health care and research, and the environment.



The goal for the Melbourne and Perth Art Education Initiative is to promote the accessibility and availability of the arts for young Australians who may not otherwise have this opportunity usually due to lower socio economic circumstances. It is also important that as well as promoting creativity, preferred programs will have a relevant educational component and be delivered over a period of time on a consistent basis.



With a few exceptions, the Initiative does not provide ongoing funding or make grants that constitute the sole funding of an initiative. The Initiative does not consider applications for grants of less than $10,000 per year or greater than $100,000 per year. The length of the grant period is two years, unless otherwise determined and specified by the Initiative’s administrators.

Please note that this is a discretionary fund and that the administrators of the Initiative reserve the right to refuse, approve or cease payment to any recipient or applicant as they determine based on the goals of the Fund, the performance of the applicant (or their program) or any other relevant contributing factor.


Eligible Projects

Successful projects selected for funding through the Melbourne and Perth Art Education Initiative will be programs that either:

  1. will be funded for the program’s specified life; or
  2. in the case of programs that are determined to be ‘ongoing’, the program must be deemed to be sustainable beyond the period that it will receive this funding, i.e. projects that have capacity to continue their operations in full beyond the time that funding is provided by this grant.

It is proposed that all funded programs should focus primarily on young people’s (0-25 years) engagement with the arts. The funding priorities for the Melbourne and Perth Art Education Initiative are the following:

  1. Indigenous arts and cultural programs;
  2. Programs that use art as a vehicle to engage young Australians with their education;
  3. Schools’ focussed arts programs in lower socio economic areas;
  4. Programs that provide subsidised and appropriate performances or exhibitions; and
  5. Programs or activities that promote social cohesion and connect communities through the arts.


Eligible Applicants

Any organisation that meets the eligibility criteria can apply for a grant.



Applications close 15 June 2016.


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