Art of Good Health Partnership Grant

What is Art of Good Health Partnership Grant?

The Art of Good Health Partnership Grant is a program to help councils design new projects that address health problems or enhance health promotion strategies by introducing the role of arts and creative approaches within them.



The Art of Good Health Partnership Grant harnesses the power and potential of the arts to engage individuals and communities in activities that improve their health and wellbeing by:

  • activating new strategic funding partnerships across arts, cultural and community organisations, and their local councils
  • trialling and delivering new projects to improve health and wellbeing, using arts and creative approaches
  • building new evidence.

The Art of Good Health partnership grant will be offered in two stages. In Stage 1, through the current grant application process, selected councils will receive a 3-month grant to generate an idea and deliver a detailed project proposal. In Stage 2, through a separate grant application process opening in late 2020, selected councils will receive a 2-year grant to deliver the project to their communities.



VicHealth will fund up to ten $10,000$15,000 grants commencing in May 2020, to support planning for up to $150,000 of additional funding available in late 2020.

Funding stages

Stage 1: An initial $10,000-$15,000 over a four-month period in early-mid 2020, to support development of new innovative and strategic partnerships between local councils, arts and creative agencies, and other health and community agencies in order to jointly develop a detailed project plan that can be delivered in Stage 2.

Stage 2: Potential for up to $150,000 of additional funding. The project plans from Stage 1 with the greatest potential for impact will be funded over a two-year period, from 2020-2022. VicHealth will establish a separate process for this selection during 2020.


Eligible Projects

The purpose of the funding is to enable local councils to bring arts and health partners together and to design a new health promotion project using arts and/or creative approaches.

The Art of Good Health Partnership Grant will fund:

  • Reasonable staff costs to engage a contractor or reimburse staffing costs for existing employees delivering agreed activities.
  • New ideas in line with funding requirements, or delivery of clearly identified outcomes that build upon and add value to existing work.
  • Incentives and prizes for competitions where relevance to local context, value for money and equitable approach are demonstrated.
  • Design, publication or production costs of materials, products and collateral where clear VicHealth branding is included.
  • Reasonable advertising or media costs for activity promotions.
  • Resources or products that can be owned/managed by the recipient and shared among project partners and the community to support ongoing improvements in drinking cultures.
  • Reasonable and necessary costs of facilitation for events, such as healthy catering, facility hire and administrative costs.
  • Evaluation costs including data collection and analysis.


Eligible Applicants

Victorian local councils are eligible to apply for this grant. It is strongly recommended that councils apply to undertake the project with partners from diverse sectors, as described above.

To meet VicHealth eligibility and compliance criteria, organisations applying for an Art of Good Health Partnership Grant must:

  • have an Australian Business Number and a bank account for Electronic Funds Transfer of grant funds
  • deliver activities or products solely in Victoria, with a primary focus on undertaking health and wellbeing activities that achieve positive outcomes for the Victorian community
  • be able to work in partnership with VicHealth and others
  • if applicable, have satisfactorily fulfilled the requirements of any previous and/or current grants from VicHealth
  • have insurance cover, including professional indemnity or public liability insurance, for the purpose of this project and agree to provide insurance certificates if requested by VicHealth
  • not be subject to any current or impending legal action which could impact its financial viability
  • not be a recipient of support, funding, sponsorship or endorsement from the tobacco industry.



Applications close 24 February 2020.


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