Arts Organisations Program

Up to $100,000 is available to support arts organisations that contribute to a sustainable and thriving arts culture in South Australia.

Arts Organisations SA

Arts Organisations Program SA

The Arts Organisations Program provides annual or multi-year funding for small to medium arts organisations to support Creativity, Success, Artistic risk, Ambition, Reach and Access.

The funding supports:

  • cultural leadership in South Australia
  • developing and emerging artists
  • promotion of artists work locally, nationally and internationally
  • creation of opportunities for audience participation with the artwork.



Arts South Australia (ASA) acknowledges the ongoing impact of the Australia Council for the Arts’ four-year funding outcomes on the sector and organisations currently funded through the Arts Organisations Program.

ASA also acknowledges the work organisations have undertaken to recalibrate and re-think business models to enable a sustainable future. We recognise that organisations across the small to medium sector are exploring and developing support and strategic investment partnerships and collaborations.  We recognise the work our major organisations are doing to enhance opportunities or formalise partnerships that support our small to medium sector.

In 2017, ASA suspended the need for an investment or funding partner for organisations affected by the Australia Council’s four-year funding outcomes.

While the requirement for Multi-year applicants to identify a strategic investment partnership and/or funding remains, ASA will discuss this requirement with organisations that were affected by Australia Council funding outcomes on a case by case basis. ASA will also meet with the affected organisations regarding their business and activities in 2018.

Peer assessors will consider business models, programs and activities that support robust and viable organisations and respond positively to the challenging funding environment. Peer assessors will also consider the South Australian small to medium arts landscape and how best to support organisations to remain strong and important contributors to a dynamic arts sector.



Arts Organisations Program provides annual or multi-year funding for small to medium arts organisations.

Annual funding provides between $50,000 and $100,000 per annum. Multi-year funding provides more than $100,000 per annum.


Eligible Projects

Assistance and grants are available in the areas of:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Development
  • arts and disability
  • arts organisations
  • community arts, contemporary music
  • independent makers and presenters
  • public art & design.


Eligible Applicants

Organisations that apply to Arts Organisations SA must be:

  • located in South Australia
  • an incorporated association or company
  • currently funded through the Arts Organisation SA or be recognised to have a minimum three year track record of successful projects funded through this or other assistance packages.



Applications close 25 August 2017.


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