Assigned Production Investment – Games

Up to $150,000 is available from the Assigned Production Investment – Games to develop and market high-quality games for global audiences.

Assigned Production Investment – Games

Assigned Production Investment – Games

The Assigned Production Investment – Games assists Victorian games companies to create and market a diverse range of games for any distribution platform with an emphasis on the creation of intellectual property (IP) and long-term benefits for their business. Project support is available for all stages including prototyping, production and release.



The Assigned Production Investment – Games program aims to encourage local industry talent, allowing them to explore new opportunities, grow their businesses and create jobs here in Victoria.



Almost half of Australia’s digital games industry is based in Victoria, which is home to more than 100 game development studios, animation houses and games industry service providers.



  • Generally Film Victoria support is capped at $150,000 per project
  • Experienced applicants with compelling, high-end projects may be able to apply for amounts above the general cap. Less experienced applicants with no previously released projects should not expect to receive more than $50,000
  • All applicants should discuss their funding requests with Clara Reeves, Manager, Games and Digital Content prior to submitting an application
  • The amount applicants can apply for depends on the type and extent of work proposed, the experience of the teams and the amount of funding able to be contributed to the project by them or third parties
  • Funding is to be primarily allocated towards project development and production costs, however up to $30,000 may be allocated to marketing and related expenses. We may also consider applications for porting projects to other platforms and for the development of additional downloadable content (DLC)
  • Film Victoria can only accept one Assigned Production Investment – Games application per company at any deadline
  • There are up to four deadlines per year, subject to available funds
  • All funding is offered as an Assigned Production Investment.


Eligible Projects

Funding can be used to:

  • Support staffing requirements and other costs associated with the development and production of the project
  • Licensing costs and legal fees, including assistance with distribution, licensing and publishing agreements and intellectual property protection
  • Engage a highly experienced mentor to support key project personnel with creative, technical or business elements of the project
  • Support marketing activities associated with the launch of the project, including help with strategy, public relations, press kits, pricing strategy, app-store search engine optimisation, user acquisition, in-app purchase optimisation and limited advertising spend.


Eligible Applicants

The applicant must be either a Victorian company or an individual Victorian resident and be able to:

  • Supply a suitable prototype or proof of concept
  • Demonstrate the capacity required to complete the proposed project, including:
    • A suitably experienced team with the requisite skills attached to the project
    • Proof of necessary licenses, approvals and development kits, as applicable and
    • Evidence of previously released projects commensurate with the level of funding requested.


Latest Recipients

The four projects supported through the latest round are:

  • Leaves (Many Monkeys Development) – a fairy tale adventure game filled with fantastic creatures, harebrained puzzles and swashbuckling action
  • Push Me Pull You (House House Games) – a sport-based multi-player physics-based sumo-soccer game
  • Framed (Loveshack Entertainment) – a multi-award winning puzzle game, where players rearrange scenes from a noir comic book to change the outcome of the story
  • Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze (Tin Man Games) – an interactive adventure game based on the television program Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.



Applications close 12 October 2017.


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