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Australian Centre for Quantum Growth

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What is Australian Centre for Quantum Growth program?

The Australian Centre for Quantum Growth program provides up to $18.5 million to create a centre that will undertake industry growth activities to catalyse industry growth, support collaborative research and strengthen Australia’s position as a global quantum leader.


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Bulletpoint is currently assisting a consortium in applying for funding from the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth program.
We are in search of partners to contribute to various aspects of this exciting initiative.

Australian Centre for Quantum Growth Project Plan

How we intend to get this funding

At Bulletpoint, our strategy for navigating substantial funding opportunities like the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth program is distinct and effective.

We believe in a reverse-engineering approach to grant applications – starting with the end goal in mind and working backwards to assemble the ideal consortium.

Our focus is squarely on aligning with what the government seeks to fund, ensuring that our proposals meet their criteria precisely and comprehensively.

Our partners are carefully selected for their proven expertise and reliability in their respective areas.

By choosing partners who are already established and low-risk, we significantly enhance the consortium’s chances of securing the grant.

We understand that a strong consortium is more than just a group of partners; it’s a strategic alignment of capabilities and track records.

A crucial part of our process is collaborating with the consortium to decide on the most suitable funding model. This includes recommending who should lead the application.

Contrary to conventional practices, the lead applicant in our consortiums is not determined by order or size, but by their capacity to effectively secure the grant and deliver the promised outcomes.

We identify the member who is best equipped, not just in terms of securing funding, but also in terms of executing the project successfully, backed by a proven track record.

Our methodology is not about fitting partners into a pre-defined solution, but rather constructing a solution that best fits the grant’s objectives and our partners’ strengths. This approach ensures that our applications are compelling, targeted, and have a higher likelihood of success.

We invite you to collaborate with us in this endeavour and leverage our expertise in grant applications.

Alternatively, you can choose to compete against us – a decision that might mean spending your summer holidays in the office, working on your application!

Reach out to Bulletpoint for a partnership that aligns with your goals and enhances your chances of securing this prestigious funding.

Your Expertise, Our Consortium, Quantum Success
Combine your expertise with our consortium for groundbreaking results.

Get in touch with Bulletpoint to redefine quantum technology’s future.


Australian Centre for Quantum Growth Project Plan


The Australian Centre for Quantum Growth will establish itself as a strongly branded, single ‘front door’ for the quantum industry and broader quantum ecosystem in Australia. The Centre will build genuine, strategic and lasting relationships spanning industry, research, consumer and government stakeholders to drive innovation and translation. It will accelerate the growth of the quantum industry in Australia and increase Australia’s global competitiveness by supporting greater collaboration and coordination of research and development, focusing on industry-led solutions that boost the adoption and diffusion of technologies across Australian and international markets.

The Australian Centre for Quantum Growth will build awareness and promote quantum technologies and their applications to end users. It will also ensure ethics and security are a foundation of the Australian quantum ecosystem by promoting ethical technology adoption and awareness.


The objectives of the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth program are to establish a Centre that:

  • grows the Australian quantum industry and promotes collaboration in quantum technologies so as to facilitates improved coordination of research and development with a focus on industry-led solutions
  • educates industry and end users on the opportunities presented by quantum technologies and their numerous applications
  • deepens Australia’s relationships with key international partners, enabling the transfer of knowledge and capital, whilst retaining ownership of our sovereign Intellectual Property
  • foster interstate and international trade and commerce
    fosters gender equality and First Nations Peoples’ participation in the industry.

$18.5 Million Opportunity in Quantum Technology
Step into the forefront of quantum innovation.

Reach out to Bulletpoint now and explore how you can contribute to this exciting venture.


Australian Centre for Quantum Growth Project Plan

Eligible Entities

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible under the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth:

  • are applying as a joint consortia
  • are an eligible entity
  • have an eligible project
  • have eligible expenditure
  • can fund your share of the project costs, and any ineligible expenditure
  • are applying with at least one Australian industry-based partner working in the quantum sector.


Eligible Expenditure

Eligible activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • labour costs
  • up to 30% of labour on-costs (e.g. superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation insurance)
  • eligible project activities that you contract to others
  • domestic and overseas travel, within reason
  • workshop and conference costs
  • staff training.


Eligible Projects

You must complete your project by 31 March 2027.
Projects for the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth must:

  • establish and operate the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth, and address the objectives and outcomes in section 2 of the grant opportunity guidelines
  • maintain an Australia-wide reach for all activities of the Centre.

Partner with Us in Quantum Innovation
Play a pivotal role in quantum innovation. Join forces with Bulletpoint and make a significant impact in the quantum realm.


Australian Centre for Quantum Growth Project Plan


Applications for the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth close 24 January 2024.


More information:



Consortium Partners

The specific areas where partners are needed include:

Quantum Computing Research and Development Consortium:

  • Technology companies with expertise in quantum computing.
  • Academic institutions renowned for quantum research.
  • Startups innovating in quantum computing applications.

Quantum Communication Networks Initiative:

  • Telecommunications companies engaged in advanced network technologies.
  • Cybersecurity firms specialising in quantum encryption.
  • Research organisations at the forefront of quantum communication.

Quantum Sensing and Metrology Collaboration:

  • Aerospace and defence companies interested in advanced sensing technologies.
  • Healthcare technology firms exploring quantum metrology.
  • Academic researchers specialising in quantum sensing.

National Quantum Technology Education Program:

  • Educational institutions with programs in quantum technologies.
  • Companies committed to nurturing a skilled quantum workforce.
  • Organisations advocating for diversity in technology sectors.

Quantum Technology Commercialisation Hub:

  • Startups focused on quantum technology.
  • Investors keen on emerging quantum technologies.
  • End-users in sectors primed for quantum technology benefits.

Ethical and Secure Quantum Technology Development Program:

  • Professionals in technology ethics.
  • Cybersecurity experts focused on quantum technology.
  • Research groups dedicated to secure quantum development.

International Quantum Collaboration and Trade Network:

  • Experts in international trade and quantum sector commerce.
  • Businesses with global operations in quantum technology.
  • Professionals experienced in international trade policies and relations.

Quantum Technology Ecosystem Mapping and Outreach:

  • Firms specialising in market research and ecosystem analysis.
  • Communication and outreach experts.
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis professionals.


You’re Clearly Committed to Quantum Innovation

Having read this far, it’s clear you’re keenly interested in tapping into the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth funding.

We at Bulletpoint are not just planning; we’re actively in the process of crafting a winning application.

Our expertise in securing large-scale funding is well-established, and we have a track record of navigating complex grant processes successfully.

We understand what it takes to create compelling applications that stand out. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a success story.

Reach out to Bulletpoint today and discover how we can collaborate to turn this opportunity into a triumph.


The Australian Centre for Quantum Growth is a program offering up to $18.5 million to establish a centre dedicated to catalysing industry growth, supporting collaborative research, and enhancing Australia’s global leadership in quantum technology.

Eligible applicants are those who apply as part of a joint consortia, meet specific entity criteria, propose an eligible project, can fund their share of the project costs, and partner with at least one Australian industry-based quantum sector partner.

Projects should focus on establishing and operating the Centre, addressing its objectives and outcomes. They must maintain Australia-wide reach and be completed by 31 March 2027.

Eligible expenditures cover labour costs, a portion of on-costs like superannuation and insurance, contracted project activities, reasonable travel, workshop and conference costs, and staff training.

Applications for the grant close on 24 January 2024.

The program aims to grow the quantum industry in Australia, promote collaborative research focusing on industry-led solutions, educate about quantum technology applications, deepen international relationships, and foster interstate and international trade, with a focus on gender equality and First Nations Peoples’ participation.

The Centre will act as a central hub for the quantum industry and ecosystem in Australia, fostering strategic relationships, driving innovation, and promoting ethical and secure adoption of quantum technologies.

It’s designed to strengthen Australia’s global competitiveness in quantum technology by facilitating greater collaboration, coordinating research and development, and promoting technology adoption both domestically and internationally.

By ensuring ethics and security are foundational elements in the development and application of quantum technologies in Australia.

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