Australian Government International Exhibitions Insurance (AGIEI) Program

What is the Australian Government International Exhibitions Insurance (AGIEI) Program?

The Australian Government International Exhibitions Insurance (AGIEI) Program is a funding program designed to offset insurance costs for touring major exhibitions of cultural material. Generally, these exhibitions include works from international collections.



The Australian Government International Exhibitions Insurance (AGIEI) Program aims to assist cultural institutions to provide access to significant cultural material the Australian public would not otherwise have an opportunity to access. By providing assistance with insurance costs, the Australian Government is able to encourage and support the staging of major exhibitions drawn from some of the world’s most historically significant and culturally rich collections.



The program delivers approximately $2 million annually through a competitive funding round, with flexibility to consider additional out of round applications where significant opportunities arise and where funds allow. The program includes a two-stage application process which allows for in-principle support in the early stages of exhibition planning, followed by a final application closer to the exhibition opening.



Organisations eligible to apply for funding include Commonwealth, state and territory government collecting institutions; incorporated not-for-profit public collecting institutions, and incorporated notfor-profit bodies specialising in touring significant art and cultural collections.

The cultural material in the exhibition must have a minimum value of:

  • AUD $50 million for fine art exhibitions
  • AUD $20 million for museological exhibitions.

The proposal may be for either multiple or single venue exhibitions. Insurance cover may apply to multiple or single items within an exhibition that meets the minimum value threshold.

The exhibition is not eligible for support through a state indemnity scheme.

Applications from organisations with outstanding reports or financial acquittals from the AGIEI program, or from organisations that are otherwise in breach of an AGIEI funding arrangement, are not eligible for support.

Funding may be considered for proposals which do not meet the eligibility criteria (eg. where support is available through state indemnity schemes) under the following circumstances:

  • The proposed exhibition supports, or is linked with, an event of special significance including but not limited to a commemorative anniversary, major international event such as CHOGM, G20, the Olympic Games, or an activity falling under a cultural Memorandum of Understanding.
  • State capacity to contribute has been adversely affected by external events.
  • Loans are conditional on use of the lender’s preferred insurer or, for multiple venue tours, the provision of a single insurance policy. The level of state contribution will be a key consideration when assessing such proposals.
  • The exhibition will tour to a venue outside of a major eastern Australian city (for the purposes of the program this means outside Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Canberra). State contributions will be considered in assessing such proposals.

Applications seeking support under exceptional circumstances will be considered on their merits on a case-by-case basis subject to funding availability.



Applications close 3 April 2020.


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