Belmont Business Innovation Grants (BBIG)

Up to $10,000 is available from BBIG to encourage new business activities and contribute further to the City’s already thriving and competitive business environment.

Belmont Business Innovation Grants (BBIG)

Belmont Business Innovation Grants (BBIG)

The Belmont Business Innovation Grant (BBIG) program is designed to encourage the development of new and innovative practices and products in small businesses in the City of Belmont to contribute to its already thriving and competitive economic environment.



The City of Belmont is experiencing record levels of investment in major commercial and infrastructure projects. The Belmont Business Innovation Grants (BBIG) aim to encourage and support innovative activities in small, local businesses so as to contribute further to the City’s already thriving and competitive economic environment.

The City of Belmont is keen to support the following business innovation areas, but projects falling outside these categories will be considered:

  • BUSINESS GROWTH – Support for the development of any new program or product or for research into a new business idea including sustainable practices
  • SUPPORTING EXPORT GROWTH – Support for research into and development of export focussed initiatives
  • URBAN RENEWAL – Development of an innovative approach to building design, materials or construction or upgrade of premises including shopfronts/security shutters/artwork
  • START UP – Support for the establishment of new and innovative businesses that increase the diversity of the City’s business community



The Belmont Business Innovation Grant (BBIG) program aims to:

  • support the research and development of innovative approaches to business in Belmont
  • encourage the establishment, growth and retention of sustainable businesses that showcase the City of Belmont’s support for innovation and leadership
  • promote the City of Belmont as a Local Government that supports and encourages innovation and diversity in the business environment
  • encourage a greater number of local businesses and home based businesses to engage with the City of Belmont and expand their business activities



Grants up to a maximum of $10,000 are available to businesses that are based in the City of Belmont with 20 or fewer full time employees.


Eligible Projects

Examples of the types of items that will be funded are below (this list is not exhaustive). Expenditure must directly relate to a new project and only costs incurred after the grant agreement date will be funded.

  • Development or enhancement of a product, process or practice
  • Leasing, purchasing or developing IT hardware/software necessary for the project
  • Website development for the project
  • Salary/wages costs directly related to the project, i.e. the cost of employing additional research staff/start up staff
  • Consultant costs, e.g. market research, design consultants
  • Capital costs directly associated with the project
  • The production cost of promotional materials including brochures, video presentations, advertising and translation
  • The cost of modifying a product/ service or its packaging in order to tailor it to the export requirements of an overseas market
  • Product samples, trade fair and exhibition costs
  • Costs associated with product/service protection including intellectual property rights, patents and trademarks


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, you must:

  • Own or operate, or plan to start, a business in the City of Belmont (home based businesses can apply) Hold a current ABN
  • Either own a business property or have a lease of premises in place with an end date at least 2 years past the BBIG application date



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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