Better Indoor Stadiums Fund

Up to $3M is available from the Better Indoor Stadiums Fund to provide indoor multi-sport stadiums across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Better Indoor Stadiums Fund

Better Indoor Stadiums Fund

The Better Indoor Stadiums Fund is a Victorian Government funding program that helps provide indoor multi-sport stadiums across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. The fund assists in meeting the community demand for indoor sport and recreation participation opportunities. Indoor multi-sport stadiums are indoor facilities that are purpose-built for indoor sports such as badminton, basketball, netball and volleyball. In addition, these facilities can also be used for a range of other physical activities including futsal (indoor soccer), table tennis, gymnastics, calisthenics and dance, as well as community based programs and local and regional sporting events.



Strong, active and healthy communities need high-quality, accessible, well-designed and managed facilities for sport and recreation activities. Developing new stadiums or increasing the size of existing stadiums to increase participation and wellbeing is a priority for the Victorian Government.

Construction of new or improved facilities also stimulates the local economy and creates a range of employment and volunteer opportunities, from construction and facility management, through to coaching and officiating.



Improving participation outcomes is a key objective of the program. Applications must clearly outline how the project will improve participation outcomes. Priority will be given to projects that can also demonstrate gender equity of programming.



Councils may submit one application for funding to the 2017-18 Better Indoor Stadiums Fund and may be successful in receiving up to $3 million.


Eligible Projects

The development of new indoor multi-sport courts. Priority will be given to projects that can demonstrate collaboration with schools, multiple sporting organisations and are of regional significance. Projects may cater for, but are not limited to: basketball, netball, badminton, volleyball, futsal (indoor soccer) and table tennis. Gymnastics, calisthenics and dance will also be considered when they are included as part of a larger project.

Specifically, proposals should demonstrate how the project:

  • will increase or maintain participation
  • encourages participation by females, juniors, people living in growth areas and communities experiencing disadvantage
  • improves health and wellbeing of the community
  • encourages development of multi-use, shared and co-located facilities
  • collaborates with schools and community groups
  • collaborates with state sporting associations or relevant peak bodies
  • improves or implements environmental sustainable design
  • applies or demonstrates principles of Universal Design
  • applies the Healthy Choices Guidelines.

Councils should make contact with peak bodies, local leagues/associations, state sporting associations and regional sports assemblies (where appropriate) to seek their support and input into the planning and design of facilities along with developing participation/programming initiatives.


Eligible Applicants

Only local government authorities can apply directly to Sport and Recreation Victoria for funding from this program.

Councils are required to discuss their project(s) with their Sport and Recreation Victoria representative before submitting a Full Application. Community organisations are advised to contact their local council to further discuss project proposals. Councils may auspice projects on behalf of community organisations.



Applications close 16 August 2017.


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