Beyond Waste Fund

$14 M program to help businesses reduce the waste sent to landfill by supporting innovations that reduce the waste generated from their daily operations.

  Beyond Waste Fund


The Beyond Waste Fund (formerly called the Waste Reduction Fund) is a $14 million government grant initiative over four years to help businesses reduce the waste sent to landfill by supporting innovations that reduce the waste generated from their daily operations.

The focus of the Beyond Waste Fund is on waste avoidance, reduction and reuse, leading to improved resource management, cost savings to business and better environmental outcomes for everyone.



9 recipients share in $1.35 M to invest in programs that focus on waste avoidance and re-use of waste products.

  • Western Health $18,320 (health sector);
  • City of Whittlesea $166,200 (commercial food waste) will partner with RMIT;
  • Geelong Manufacturing Council $402,700 (SMEs) will partner with ECO2sys Australia Ltd, Barwon Regional Waste Management Group;
  • Insights to Excellence $45,000 (SMEs) will partner with Manufacturing Best Practice Program;
  • City of Greater Dandenong $50,000 (SMEs) will partner with South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance and Centre for Sustainable Resource Consumption;
  • VECCI $55,000 (SMEs);
  • Burbank Australia $298,000 (housing construction) will partner with RMIT and Housing Industry Association;
  • Metricon Homes $200,000 (housing construction); and
  • RMIT School of Property, Construction and Project Management $112,480 (housing construction) – partner with Metricon Homes Pty Ltd and Australand Holdings Limited.



Some of the major outcomes from the nine Beyond Waste Fund recipients include:

  • Waste Audits: The Victorian Employer’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) will conduct audits of 40 businesses to provide them with information on the costs associated with their waste disposal and opportunities to reduce waste.
  • Food Waste: The City of Whittlesea will conduct key exploratory research into the amount and causes of commercial and industrial food waste in the Plenty Food Group manufacturing hub, located North of Melbourne.
  • Construction Waste: In partnership with the Housing Industry Association and RMIT University Centre for Design, housing construction company Burbank Australia will undertake a study to determine the feasibility of designing and constructing a zero (lowest practicable level) waste to landfill home.
  • Best practice waste avoidance and reduction: The Geelong Regional Collaborative Beyond Waste Network will assist up to 50 Geelong-based manufacturers to adopt best practice waste avoidance/reduction by participating in an innovative 18 month materials and resource efficiency program.


Eligible Applicants

The Beyond Waste Fund is open to organisations that generate and dispose of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste. Sector, industry and regional groups; consultants; research bodies in these sectors may also be eligible to apply.

The Beyond Waste Fund aims to achieve a balance between large-scale businesses and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and encourages supply chain and sector innovation.


Eligible Projects

The Beyond Waste Fund applicants will be expected to demonstrate:

  • An absolute reduction in raw material resources and contribute to the reductions of solid waste by avoiding it in the first instance and/or reusing it.
  • A strong likelihood of cost-effective actions being implemented
  • A financial contribution to the project
  • A willingness to publicly share all project outcomes and learnings, including successes and failures
  • Compliance with current EPA regulation and other relevant state legislation

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