Business Improvement Grant (BIG)

Up to $20,000 is available to employ consultants for improvement projects.

Business Improvement Grant (BIG)

Area for Improvement

Strategic Business Issues

  • Formulating and implementing business goals, models and strategies
  • Supply chain integration and management
  • Corporate governance issues (ie board structures)
  • Developing formal business plans and review of business model
  • Developing business development strategies and sales plans
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Developing strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • Developing product/service commercialisation plans
  • Strategic advice on structuring and raising equity and investment


Human Resources Issues

  • Human resources and succession planning
  • Cultural changes/change management
  • Access to specialist skills to develop HR strategies and systems, including induction, performance management, job descriptions, remuneration, retention, skills audit
  • Business (client) specific leadership training and employee development
  • Workforce planning


Internal Systems

  • Administrative processes, quality assurance and compliance
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Risk management
  • Developing documentation and processes in internationally recognised standards, and training staff in meeting these standards
  • Scoping, consulting and training to implement a software system, social media/digital strategies, incorporation of ecommerce functionality, and website strategies



  • Structure and factory lay-out
  • Advice on investment in new equipment
  • Value stream mapping (process flow)
  • Inventory management
  • Process improvements (Lean auditing, reducing down time, error reduction)
  • Lean principles and practices
  • Research and development planning
  • Developing time sheet systems and documentation
  • Scoping, consulting, (possibly developing) and training to implement firm specific project management software systems


Marketing, Branding and Communication

  • Marketing strategies, including branding strategies and social media/digital strategies
  • Communication strategies, marketing plans, distribution channel management
  • Enhancement of online capabilities for the integration of e-commerce, and social media
  • Development of branding strategies and development of a brand including a logo where the design process involves concept development, design and layout, finished artwork and project management
  • Strategic market research
  • Sales team performance and management, customer relationships and retention, and creating a capability to respond to tenders
  • Customer support systems including systems to record and action customer feedback

Financial Management Systems

  • Scoping, tailoring and training of management accounting systems, including accounting systems (financial reporting/dashboards, forecasting and cash-flow management, debtor controls and credit management systems)
  • Financial modelling in terms of developing the model for use by the firm, including scoping, tailoring and training
  • Advice on planning, directing, monitoring, organising and controlling financial resources


Exploring New Markets and Market Intelligence

  • Identification of new markets, sector analysis and market development
  • Industry research and market appraisal (identifying contacts, language barriers, etc)
  • Competition strategy (ie price or quality basis)
  • Market research to assist Australian companies develop their international trading/ exporting strategies
  • Identification of potential offshore partners or customers
  • Support with arranging for companies to visit overseas markets (eg establish itinerary)
  • Export strategy, including compliance with foreign laws and regulations


Environmental Sustainability

  •  Improving sustainability and reducing environmental footprint
  • Carbon pollution reduction
  • Waste stream identification, management and reduction
  • Water and energy efficiency tailored advice and strategies
  • Environmental management systems
  • Regulatory issues
  • Sustainability auditing (including waste, energy, water and environmental footprint)


Product and Service Development

  • Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) plans including IP protection methodology and advice and general IP advice regarding differentiation of product design
  • Diversification and product/service innovation and development, including testing for market acceptability/product assessment and improvement for non-compliance purposes
  • Research and development planning



  •  Engagement of an independent and skilled business coach or mentor to build management capability tailored to the needs of the business


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