Black Summer Innovation Program

What is the Black Summer Innovation Program?

The Black Summer Innovation Program (BSIP) is a fund provided by FIAL designed to help small and medium businesses, who have been affected by events of national natural catastrophe or global diseases outbreaks (in 2019 or 2020). Funding is designed to support these businesses innovate to create commercial products, processes or services.



The Black Summer Innovation Program aims to:

  • ENCOURAGE existing food and agribusinesses to pivot post natural disaster to use innovation for future success.
  • ACCESS new and novel food processing, packaging and agricultural technologies.
  • ENGAGE experts across the sector to identify and implement the innovation opportunities.



Grants of up to $25,000 are available to Australian food and agribusinesses geographically located in and affected by drought, flood, fire, African Swine Flu and coronavirus epidemic. Grants are to be used to support business, product or service innovations. No matched funding is required.


Eligible Projects

Any natural catastrophe or disaster from 2019-2020 which has caused significant impairment to your food or agribusiness. This includes: bushfire, drought, flood, storm, hail, cyclone or landslide that has been categorised as a natural disaster by either the federal or state government agency or the Insurance Council of Australia.

Any global diseases outbreak from 2019-2020 which has been the primary cause for significant reduction in your ability to compete in existing food or agribusiness markets is eligible for funding. These may include Coronavirus or Covid-19 and African Swine Fever.

Whilst any event is eligible for funding, how that event has caused individual business impairment is the responsibility of the applicant to provide. It is also the responsibility of the applicant to provide any relevant documentation as proof. Example impacts include: cancelled pre-existing orders; cancelled raw material deliveries; loss of property and capital items; unpaid orders; and outstanding debts.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for the Black Summer Innovation Program, you must:

  • be an Australian based business:
  • have a registered ABN/ACN.
  • The ABN/ACN must be older than 12 months prior to the disaster affecting your business
  • You must be a food, beverage or agribusiness producer; or as a supplier to the food and agribusiness supply chain (e.g. Packaging, ingredients etc.)
  • Not be a Rural Development Corporation or subsidiary or any other government funded agency
  • Applications from consortia of more than one business are welcomed but only one grant per application will be administered
  • Be registered with a state or other agency coordinating disaster management and/or relief



Applications close 9 April 2020, or until all available funds are exhausted.


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