Boating Safety And Facilities Program (BSFP)

Up to $8 million is available to support projects that make Victoria’s waterways safer and more accessible.

boating safety and facility grants



The Boating Safety and Facilities Program (BSFP) is a State Government funding program that plays an important role in making boating safer and more accessible for all Victorians.



The objectives of Boating Safety And Facilities Program (BSFP) are to:

  • ensure safe access to waterways
  • decrease boating incidents and fatalities
  • improve boating facilities and the planning of these facilities
  • promote increased safety
  • provide improved search and rescue services
  • improve navigation aids and signage
  • highlight the importance of vessel maintenance and operating knowledge
  • improve marine communications.



The program has a total of $8 million in funding to distribute to projects across the state.

Funding Categories:

1. Boating Infrastructure

  • Funding Ratio – Up to 80 per cent of eligible project costs
  • Aims – To assist with the development and upgrading of boating facilities including: boat ramps, jetties, trailer parking, minor access dredging, selected infrastructure, boating development plans and boating communications projects such as webcams and weather stations.
  • Open to – Local waterway authorities, government agencies, committees of management, and community groups.

2. Master planning for significant boating projects

  • Funding ratio – Up to 80 per cent of eligible project costs
  • Aims – To assist with the developemnt of master plans for significant boating projects including existing sites and new location.
  • Open to – Local waterway authorities, government agencies, committees of management and community groups.

3. Search and Rescue

  • Funding ratio – Up to 80 per cent of eligible project costs 100 per cent funding provided for Search and Rescue (SAR) education and training.
  • Aims – To assist volunteer marine rescue groups to purchase rescue boats and other rescue equipment. Additionally, funding is available to provide SAR volunteers with training opportunities to ensure they are appropriately trained and qualified to operate SAR vessels.
  • Open to – Dedicated SAR groups (recognised by Victoria Police) only may apply.

4. Aids to navigation

  • Funding ratio – Up to 100 per cent of the purchase price of the equipment. Installation costs are capped at 10 per cent of the infrastructure cost unless otherwise approved.
  • Aims – To assist waterway managers in meeting their obligations under the Marine Safety Act 2010 with respect to the provision of aids to navigation and boating safety information.
  • Open to – Waterway Managers, appointed under the Marine Safety Act 2010.


Eligible Projects

The program has typically funded:

  • Boating infrastructure improvements including upgrades to boat ramps, jetties, trailer parking and minor access dredging
  • Master planning for significant boating projects in new or established locations
  • Search and rescue including assisting recognised rescue groups to undertake training and purchase new rescue boats and equipment
  • research/boating development studies, (including engineering and construction plans, and diagrams)
  • Aids to navigation including provision of signage, buoyage, navigational aids and vessel traffic systems.


Eligible Applicants

  • Facility managers
  • Committees of management
  • Local waterway authorities
  • Government agencies



Application closes 16 September 2015

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