Budget Direct Sponsorships Solved

What is the Budget Direct Sponsorships Solved Program?

The Budget Direct Sponsorships Solved is a program to help groups throughout Australia in their efforts to build happy and healthy neighbourhoods.



Since 2000, Budget Direct has had Insurance Solved for more than than 3 million Australians. By offering dependable cover at a price that’s hard to beat, we’re challenging the market dominance of older, more established insurers in Australia.

Each year Budget Direct, powered by Auto & General, provides more than $300,000 of financial and in-kind support to local organisations based in the areas in which our employees work.



Organisations who have been affected by COVID-19 or the recent bushfires are strongly encouraged to apply for up to $10,000.

Budget Direct starts assessing applications at the end of each three-month funding round. It can take up to two months to complete the assessments and contact the successful applicants.



Budget Direct Sponsorships Solved program is open to sponsoring registered organisations or associations that:

  • provide local or statewide community services
  •  run community awareness and education programs
  •  promote health and wellbeing (e.g. sports clubs)
  •  advocate for road safety
  •  provide emergency services
  •  support in need or at-risk Australians
  •  help build strong, vibrant communities.

The program do not sponsor:

  • individuals
  • sports teams
  • bodies or activities that don’t reflect our core values
  • religious, political or lobby groups
  • organisations linked to contentious issues.



Each year there are four rounds of sponsorship funding:

RoundApplications openApplications close
11 June 201931 August 2019
21 September 201930 November 2019
31 December 201929 February 2020
41 March 202031 May 2020

Applications are assessed only after the closing date. In other words, if you apply early in the funding round, it could be three months or more before your application is assessed. And assessments can take up to  two months. Please keep this in mind if your sponsorship application is time-sensitive.


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