Build It Better Voucher Program

What is the Build It Better Voucher Program

The Build It Better Voucher Program provides small to medium manufacturing businesses in Victoria to undertake redesign/reengineering projects to increase their adoption of additive manufacturing technology.



The objective of the Build It Better Voucher Program is to increase the use of additive manufacturing technologies by Victorian businesses. The Program supports Victorian companies wishing to use the application of additive manufacturing technology in their business operations. The voucher program runs for three years, starting from February 2019; a total voucher budget of $1.3 million over three years is available for Victorian businesses.



The voucher program provides funding of up to $20,000 (exclusive of GST), with a requirement for a co-matched contribution of $1:$1 towards total eligible project costs. This is 50% of all total eligible project costs for a project up to $40,000. The Build It Better Voucher is awarded through a competitive, rounds-based process. Call for projects will be announced periodically through the three-year funded period.


Eligible Projects

The types of projects that the grant supports are redesign or reengineering of existing components for additive manufacturing, or new product development for additive manufacturing application. The grant will assist businesses to explore the potential of additive manufacturing as an ongoing production tool. The grant will subsidise costs of expertise needed for businesses to realise the benefits of additive manufacturing. This may include, but is not limited to services such as:

  • Design expertise;
  • Engineering support;
  • Business case development;
  • Materials selection and prototyping support.

The voucher program funds may be used for activities directly related to the project, for example:

  • Testing and calculation of engineering requirements for application;
  • Reverse engineering/digitalising existing components;
  • Redesigning and/or reengineering products for additive manufacturing;
  • Prototyping new components;
  • Materials advice and testing;
  • Laboratory materials, consumables, or laboratory disposables;
  • Benchmark testing of component parts for use;
  • Expert advice on additive manufacturing technology selection;
  • Business case development for new product production.

All activities will be reviewed with respect to their relevance to the project. Other activities not listed here may be eligible provided they are directly related to the project outcomes.

Applicants will need to ensure they detail the extent of their business operations in Victoria. Note that successful applicants must conduct the proposed activities in Victoria in partnership with a Registered Service Provider.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for The Build It Better Voucher a business must have a Victorian address, and must be based in Victoria or have a significant business presence in Victoria. Applicants will need to ensure they detail the extent of their business operations in Victoria. Note that successful applicants must conduct the proposed activities in Victoria and whenever possible in partnership with a Victorian Registered Service Provider.

In addition, the business must:

  • Be a small to medium enterprise (SME) with no more than 200 full time staff, and less than $100 million annual turnover,
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN),
  • Be non-tax exempt, and
  • Be registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The business must also be one of the following entities:

  • Be a company, incorporated in Australia, or
  • Be an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust.

Joint applications may be considered, however there must be a Lead Applicant nominated in the Project Application form. The Lead Applicant accepts the financial and contractual responsibilities of the voucher program.

The AM Hub has developed a list of Registered Service Providers (RSPs) that are to be engaged to perform activities that conform to eligible expenditure. If expertise is required outside of the RSPs this will be considered on a case-by-case basis and preference given to Victorian providers.

Registered Service Providers will need to demonstrate that they:

  • Have a trading history of at least two years
  • Are financially viable
  • Are based in or have an operating presence in Victoria
  • Supply eligible services and where applicable demonstrate sector or market-specific knowledge
  • Commit to undertake their role in accordance with these Guidelines.

RSPs must be one of the following entity types:

  • A private or public company (not listed) incorporated in Australia under the Corporations Act 2001, that is non tax- exempt and is registered for GST, or
  • A not-for-profit organisation that:
    • is an incorporated body, co-operative or associate (including business associations), and
    • has an Australian Business Number (ABN) or can provide written advice from the Australian Tax Office that no withholding tax is required from the Voucher payment.
  • A university or tertiary education provider.

Registered Service Providers must be:

  • Committed to providing services at competitive market rates
  • Committed to servicing projects within a reasonable timeframe as agreed with the Applicant and
  • Not currently involved in litigation against AMTIL or the State Government of Victoria.

A list of Registered Service Providers will be available on the AM Hub website.



Applications close 5 June 2020.


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