Building Community Resilience Grants Program

Up to $120,000 is available for initiatives that build community resilience to violent extremism and lessen the appeal of extremist ideologies.

 Building Community Resilience Grants Program



The Building Community Resilience (BCR) grants program aims to support, encourage and empower Australian communities to resist the influence of violent extremism.  The program recognises that communities are the key to reducing the influence of radicalisation at the grassroots level and the Government is equally committed to supporting their efforts.

The BCR program forms part of the Australian Government’s Countering Violent Extremism Strategy.

Under the program, grants are awarded to a range of local initiatives that:

  • give communities the skills and resources to understand and actively address intolerant or extremist messages and discourage violent extremism
  • support people who may be vulnerable to extremist views due to personal experiences of disengagement and marginalisation and/or
  • educate groups and individuals about the avenues available to participate positively in political debate.

For information about specific funding rounds under the BCR program, refer to the relevant guidelines.  All potential applicants should note that each funding round under the program may have a different focus, and you should carefully consider if your application is eligible for funding.


Eligible Activities

Applicants may propose activities such as:

  • media projects that give marginalised communities a voice
  • intercultural and interfaith education in schools and universities
  • skills and leadership training
  • local peer support/big brother schemes for at risk individuals
  • community forums and outreach events to promote social inclusion
  • referral and diversionary programs
  • civics education


Eligible Applicants

Community organisations and local government bodies in all Australian states and territories are eligible to apply for funding under the program.  Applicants must be incorporated, non-government, not-for-profit organisations.

This includes:

  • community organisations
  • local government associations
  • churches and religious organisations, and
  • schools

Applications will not be accepted from:

  • individuals
  • political organisations
  • federal and state and territory government agencies, and
  • commercial and for-profit organisations



Up to $120,000 is available for initiatives that build community resilience to violent extremism and lessen the appeal of extremist ideologies.

The BCR grants program is part of the Government’s $9.7 million investment to counter violent extremism.  The goal of the program is to encourage and empower communities and individuals to resist or disengage from intolerant and radical ideologies.

There is no requirement that applicants contribute funds to the proposed project. However, any financial contributions from the applicant or another organisationmust be outlined in the application form. The total amount needed for the project must also be specified. Details of any financial contributions will be reflected in the legally binding funding agreement that must be entered into by successful applicants.



This application process will close at 5.00 pm (AEST) on Friday 28 June 2013.


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