What is the Bushfire Technology Fund?

The Bushfire Technology Fund supports the development of technologies and services which can be used in monitoring and mitigating the risk of bushfires.  Please note, this program doesn’t exist yet, but Bulletpoint expects it might look like this.



The fund aims to assist with the rapid development of technologies and services to sense, fight, mop up after and protect from bushfires.



The NSW government has called for a heavier reliance on remote sensing technology following an independent inquiry into the devastating bushfires that raged across the state this past summer.

The report urged the establishment of a spatial technology acceleration program that would both help coordinate existing capabilities and drive the advancement of new technology to be put to use in monitoring and mitigating the risk.

The report noted NSW is already home to major businesses and university entities pushing the use and advancements of remote sensing technologies such as UAVs, satellite imagery, LiDAR and artificial intelligence, and that this presented an opportunity for the state to become a “major world centre” for bushfire research, technology development, and commercialisation.

In order to support this effort, the inquiry recommended that the NSW government establish a bushfire technology fund, citing the successful implementation of the medical devices fund as an example.


Principles of the Fund

The following principles apply to the Bushfire Technology Fund:

  1. The project must be capable of potentially generating, economic, social and/or environmental benefits to NSW.
  2. Funding will be open, competitive and merit-based, while maintaining commercial-in-confidence requirements.
  3. Funding can be used for purposes including:
    • proof-of-concept, prototyping and piloting studies
    • manufacturing samples for product trials
    • conducting market and product assessments
    • engaging a consultant to locate other national and international trials and research relevant to the product under development
    • and conducting clinical assessments.
  4. The fund will support a cross-section of products across a range of applications throughout the bushfire technology product life-cycle (technical device concept demonstrated to marketing).
  5. The fund will not support activities which are deemed to be research.
  6. The Bushfire Technology Fund Expert Panel will have sufficient flexibility to tailor funding support according to what it believes is required to assist the development and commercialisation of a medical device.


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