Business Building Training

$1,500 of funding is available to attend business building training programs.

business building training



Department of Business and Innovation (DBI) are funding training programs through different local councils in Metropolitan Eastern Melbourne, but are open to businesses from across Melbourne (conditions apply).   The training programs are in-depth, hands on programs which include individual mentoring sessions. Typically run over six weeks, outcomes for participants include practical, usable plans or programs that are customised to their business.  The course costs $2,000, with $1,500 of this cost funded by DBI for eligible attendees.

WHK are facilitating four of these training programs between March and June 2013


Business Planning

On an ongoing basis it is illustrated that those businesses who plan are the ones most likely to thrive. Yet many businesses don’t proactively plan at a strategic level, and instead reactively respond to situations be they favourable or unfavourable. This is generally because businesses don’t know how to. Using business planning concepts, participants develop a strategic plan, an implementation plan for change and a budget for the business based on the new plan. Hosted by City of Manningham.


Leading Your Team

Companies are thinking less about expanding their business through the acquisition of new talent and instead are focusing on maintaining and developing their existing workforce. Strong leadership skills, the fostering of an appropriate organisational culture and succession planning are key learning areas under this program. Hosted by City of Boroondara.


Growing Revenues

Being open to different growth strategies in a challenging economic environment is a must. Whether that is tapping into the sectors that are performing well such as mining, or looking to overseas markets to provide alternative sources of revenue – there are many options to consider. Businesses need to plan for how they are going to achieve this and put an appropriate action plan in place. Hosted by City of Monash.


Getting Investment

Experience has shown that in a time when the banks criteria for lending are tighter than ever, SMEs do not have a strong knowledge of other sources of revenue for their business. This program addresses one of those avenues – attracting investment and therefore addresses what needs to be done to get the business ready for investors, how to write a business plan for investors and then how to pitch for the money. Hosted by Shire of Yarra Ranges.


Eligibility For Funding

  • Note: If a business isn’t eligible for funding, then they can still participate but will need to pay the full course cost of $2,000
  • Attendees must export, have the potential to export (do not need to have immediate plans to export) or manufacture or distribute import replacements.
  • Ideally the business will have15 + employees, but in certain circumstances, smaller businesses will also be eligible
  • The training programs are targeted at business in Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne but a limited number of places are available to business outside this region
  • Conditions apply and eligibility for funding is approved by DBI


More Details

For further information, contact Kirsten Roberts at WHK on 03 9535 5300 or

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