Business Research and Innovation Initiative

Up to $2M is available from the Business Research and Innovation Initiative to develop innovative solutions for government policy and service delivery challenges.



The Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) Pilot Round 2 program provides small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with grant funding to develop innovative solutions for government policy and service delivery challenges.



The objective of the Business Research and Innovation Initiative is to drive innovation within small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and government by encouraging the development of innovative solutions by SMEs to public policy and service delivery challenges.

The intended outcomes of the program are:

  • stimulate the innovative capacity of SMEs and Australian Government agencies
  • improve business capability to access national and international markets
  • develop SMEs confidence and awareness when working with government as a possible customer
  • encourage Australian Government agencies to participate in sourcing innovative solutions.


Program Stages

Stage 1 Challenge Selection

The Minister for Industry, Science and Technology approved the following 5 challenges for Round 2:

  • Fast and secure digital identity verification for people experiencing family and domestic violence
  • Intelligent data to transform tourism service delivery
  • Uplifting government capability to help deliver world-leading digital services
  • Managing the biosecurity of hitchhiking pests and contaminants on shipping containers
  • Automating complex determinations for Australian Government information.

Stage 2 Feasibility study

Stage 2 is open for small to medium sized enterprises to apply to conduct a feasibility study.

The maximum grant amount for feasibility studies is $100,000 with a maximum grant period of three months.

Challenge agencies assess and rank applications against the merit criteria. Innovation and Science Australia then assess applications, consider the challenge agency assessment and recommend which projects to fund. Finally, the Program Delegate approves recommended applications for funding. Successful SMEs conduct feasibility studies.

If you successfully complete your feasibility study, you can apply for a proof of concept grant.

Stage 3 Proof of concept

The maximum grant amount is $1 million with a maximum grant period of 18 months.

Those grantees that successfully complete the feasibility study will be able to apply for the proof of concept stage.


Eligible Projects

To be eligible for the Business Research and Innovation Initiative your project must include eligible activities and eligible expenditure.

Eligible Business Research and Innovation Initiative activities must directly relate to the project and can include work to determine:

  • the technical viability of the proposed solution
  • the novelty of the proposed solution compared to existing offerings
  • the commercial potential of the proposed solution in domestic and/or international markets.

You can only spend Business Research and Innovation Initiative grant funds on eligible expenditure you have incurred on an agreed project as defined in your grant agreement.

To be eligible for the Business Research and Innovation Initiative, expenditure must:

  • be a direct cost of the project
  • be incurred by you for required project audit activities.

You must incur the project expenditure between the project start and end date for it to be eligible unless stated otherwise.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

and be one of the following entities:

  • a company, incorporated in Australia
  • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
  • an individual or partnership, provided you agree to form a company incorporated in Australia to enter into a grant agreement.

Joint applications are acceptable, provided you have a lead applicant who is the main driver of the project and is eligible to apply.



Applications for round 2 of the Business Research and Innovation Initiative close 17 April 2019.


Successful Applicants

The 20 SMEs have been selected from 180 applications to receive initial funding to conduct feasibility studies of their solution. The SMEs with the most promising ideas and products arising from these grants may be eligible for a further grant of up to $1 million each. This would be to develop a prototype or proof of concept of their solution with government having the option of being the first customer.

The BRII provides opportunities for SMEs to develop innovative products and services with genuine commercial potential. The initiative allows government agencies to work with SMEs to develop innovative solutions and then have the option to purchase those solutions. This gives the SMEs a commercial income and the ability to grow with a global mindset.

On-the-spot technology for measuring pyrethroid surface residue

Applicant NameGrant Funding
Atamo P/L$93,894
Australian Sensing & Identification Systems P/L$99,090
Iugotec P/L$96,828
Micropace P/L$94,400
Panorama Synergy Ltd$73,500

Tracking the effect and value of information products

Applicant NameGrant Funding
Atraxium P/L$82,800
Avinium P/L$78,875
Gosource P/L$100,000
Houston Kemp P/L$100,000

Digitally enabled community engagement in policy and programme design

Applicant NameGrant Funding
Collabforge P/L$69,650
Crawford Kaye P/L & Claire Agnew$100,000
Futuregov Australia P/L$99,900
Likely Theory P/L$97,800

Improve transparency and reliability of water market information

Applicant NameGrant Funding
Aither P/L$99,663
Civic Ledger P/L$80,345
NGIS Australia P/L$97,920
The Marsden Jacob Unit Trust$99,897

Sharing information nationally to ensure child safety

Applicant NameGrant Funding
Leading Directions P/L$100,000
Factil P/L (previously Infinuendo P/L)$100,000
Itree P/L$99,459


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