Caring for State Heritage Grants

Up to $150,000 is available from Caring for State Heritage Grants to conserve, manage, maintain and activate SHR item.


Caring for State Heritage Grants

Caring for State Heritage Grants provides funding to owners, managers or custodians of SHR items to help them with the conservation, management, maintenance and activation of their item.



In 2017-18 the Heritage Grants Program underwent an independent evaluation to identify areas of opportunity for efficiencies and improved outcomes. The evaluation findings are being implemented in stages. Stage 1 2019-2021 has streamlined nine separate funding streams into three grant categories.

The Caring for State Heritage grants category focuses on supporting items listed on the State Heritage Register (SHR). It includes similar activities to the Major Works and Heritage Report streams that were run at the 2017-18 funding round.



The State Heritage Register (SHR) is a list of places and objects (collectively referred to as items) which represent heritage of particular importance to the people of New South Wales. These items are protected by the Heritage Act 1977.

The Caring for State Heritage Grants category provides financial incentives from the NSW Government to owners, managers or custodians of SHR heritage items to support better management, maintenance, conservation and activation of SHR listed items.



Funding to assist with the development of conservation management documents is capped at $20,000.

Grants of between $20,000 and $150,000 are available for use over two financial years for physical conservation works, activation, maintenance and compliance works.

Matched co-contributions will be required from all successful applicants. Contributions may include in-kind contributions and in the case of financial hardship a reduced applicant contribution may be considered.


Eligible Projects

You can apply for funding towards:

  • development of conservation management documents, such as the following:
    • archaeological assessment reports
    • collections management plans
    • condition surveys
    • conservation management plans
    • conservation management strategies
    • cost-benefit analyses for conservation purpose
    • cultural tourism plans
    • disaster preparedness plans
    • economic feasibility studies for conservation
    • interpretation plans or strategies
    • landscape management plans
    • maintenance plans
    • other heritage management reports
  • physical conservation works including restoration, reconstruction, repair, reinstatement and preservation
  • works to enable activation and community enjoyment of an item
  • maintenance outlined in the minimum standards of maintenance and repair as set out in the Heritage Regulations 2012
  • fire, services and access upgrades to allow compliance with the Building Code Australia, Disability Inclusion Act 2014 and Work Health and Safety Act 2011.


Eligible Applicants

You are eligible to apply for the Caring for State Heritage Grants category if you:

  • are the owner, manager, long-term lessee or custodian of a SHR listed item who falls into one of the following groups:
    • Aboriginal custodians
    • community organisations
    • local government organisations
    • not-for-profit organisations
    • private companies
    • private individuals, including family trusts
    • religious organisations
    • universities
  • have legal responsibility for maintenance and repair of the SHR listed item.

If you are the manager of a heritage item, you must have evidence of permission from the owner or the custodian of the SHR item to apply for funding and deliver the project if successful.

Applicants are assessed on whether they have the capacity and commitment to undertake and complete the project. In assessing this we may consider outcomes from any previous project, the quality of the application, reasonableness of costs and degree of support to undertake the project.

You may require an approval for works under the Heritage Act 1977 prior to commencing any works.



Applications close 8 February 2019.


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