Up to $200,000 is available from CCCF to make the child care system more affordable, more accessible, more flexible and targeted to those who need it most.

Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) Program

Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) Program

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) Program is a key component of the Australian Government’s new Child Care Safety Net, which contributes to giving the most vulnerable children a strong start in life, while supporting parents into work.



The Australian Government has committed $61.8 million under the CCCF to support Budget Based Funded (BBF) services to transition into the new child care arrangements, as well as to support services to meet the costs of expanding to increase Indigenous children’s participation in early education and care. Current BBF services delivering child care will be able to access the CCCF via the restricted non-competitive grant process.

The CCCF includes four key grant opportunities:

  • Open competitive (for approved child care services)
  • Restricted non-competitive (for specified services)
  • Connected Beginnings (commenced July 2016)
  • Special circumstances



Under the CCCF, eligible child care services will be able to apply for supplementary funding through a grants program to:

  • reduce the barriers in accessing child care, in particular for disadvantaged or vulnerable families and communities
  • provide sustainability support for child care services experiencing viability issues
  • provide capital support to increase the supply of child care places in areas of high unmet demand.



Up to $50 million per annum has been made available by the Australian Government from July 2018 for allocation under the CCCF open competitive grant opportunity. This includes up to $4 million for special circumstances grants, if required.

Minimum and maximum grant amounts will apply under this grant opportunity.  It is estimated that the average grant amount will be around $25,000. The value of money awarded under this grant opportunity cannot exceed the total funding available.

CCCF Element:

  • Sustainability Support – minimum of $10,000 to maximum of $200,000
  • Community Support – minimum of $20,000 to maximum of $100,000
  • Capital Support – minimum of $50,000 to maximum of $150,000

Total value of CCCF grant funding available under this Grant Opportunity is up to $50M.


Eligible Projects

Sustainability Support grants can be used for activities such as:

  • implementing changes to business practices and introducing innovative solutions to improve the sustainability and viability of a child care service
  • developing and implementing an action plan to support transition to a more  sustainable business model
  • helping with additional costs of providing child care in unviable markets where a service is providing the most effective model of care for the community
  • meeting standard child care operating costs during transition to a more sustainable business model.

Community Support grants can be used for activities such as:

  • linking child care services with relevant local organisations to work together to address community level barriers to child care participation and ultimately deliver increased child care utilisation
  • building relationships with vulnerable and disadvantaged families with children who currently don’t use child care
  • providing transport assistance that is clearly linked to broader child care engagement activities for isolated families and those with transport difficulties to access child care
  • developing and implementing a community stakeholder engagement plan for a child care service.

Capital Support grants can be used for proposals such as:

  • extending or modifying an existing child care centre
  • extending or modifying a community centre or other building that will be used for child care
  • building a new child care centre.

Any building built, extended or modified using grant funding from the capital works element must be used for the intended purpose for an agreed period (called the designated use period). The designated use period will be agreed between the department and the applicant, and will reflect the level of government funding.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply under this grant opportunity you must be:

  • An approved provider of an approved child care service; AND
  • An organisation which is either:
    • Seeking funding for an approved child care service operating in a priority area); OR
    • Seeking funding for an approved child care service currently in receipt of funding under the department’s Community Support Program

While both for-profit and not-for-profit services are eligible to apply, funding preference will be given to not-for-profit services.

You will also be required to meet any other eligibility requirements that may apply to the CCCF element you are seeking funding under.

Please note: If your service is looking to expand your current service offer and you are currently funded under the Budget Based Funded program you may be eligible to apply under the CCCF restricted non-competitive grant opportunity, as part of a single streamlined application process.



Applications close  2 November 2017.


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