Collaborative Council Sustainability Fund Partnerships (CCSFP)

Up to $75,000 is available to to find innovative solutions that are good for the environment and improve the Council’s bottom line.

Collaborative Council - Sustainability Fund Partnerships


The Collaborative Council Sustainability Fund Partnerships (CCSFP), formerly known as the Sustainable Business Capacity Program, provides opportunities for councils to collaborate on projects focussed on an environmentally sustainable outcome.



The Collaborative Council – Sustainability Fund Partnerships (CCSFP) will give councils the chance to collectively increase procurement or shared service delivery, invest in more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable technologies, reduce waste and support innovation in recycling. The program provides targeted funding to councils who are already working on or exploring collaborative opportunities, and gives councils with less experience with collaborative projects, opportunities to develop mutually beneficial relationships with neighbouring councils and assistance in preparing CCSFP funding submissions.

Under the Program, Local Government Victoria (LGV) will facilitate and provide funding for collaborative projects.



Funded by the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund, the CCSFP will provide funding to councils to collaborate with each other on a joint business case, feasibility study or project to achieve positive business and environmental outcomes.  As part of the funding criteria, each application must outline how their project will contribute to either or both of the Sustainability Fund’s Objectives:

  1. Fostering environmentally sustainable uses of resources and best practices in waste management to advance the social and economic development of Victoria;
  2. Fostering community action or innovation in relation to the reduction of greenhouse gas substance emissions or adaptation or adjustment to climate change in Victoria



Joint proposals from groups of Councils that meet the Program criteria (outlined in the Application Form) will be funded up to $75,000 to develop a business case or feasibility study, with the group to match 50 per cent of the funded amount by in kind services or financial contribution.


Eligible Projects

The Collaborative Council – Sustainability Fund Partnerships (CCSFP) will support projects that seek to further efficiencies in areas such as local government procurement, waste management, planning, infrastructure investment and human services. Support in these areas will aim to accelerate implementation of collaborative procurement and shared services to reduce performance deficits, link councils to share best practice and raise standards across the sector.


Eligible Applicants

LGV is inviting joint applications from groups of Councils for initiatives that:

  • Provide innovative solutions to procurement or shared service delivery which will improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of participating Councils
  • Invest in more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable technologies, facilities and services
  • Support Councils to reduce waste and dispose less waste to landfill
  • Support innovators in the waste management and recycling industry
  • Remove logistical and systemic obstacles to recovering commercial value from otherwise abandoned material.

LGV will offer project support and may participate in project steering committees.  Precise roles and responsibilities will be negotiated on an individual project basis. Successful projects must provide progress reports and an evaluation report at the completion of the project.  It is expected that projects will be completed within a 12 month period.



Applications for Round 2 close 9 September 2016.


More Information


Media Release

Applications are now open for the second round of Andrews Labor Government’sCollaborative Council – Sustainability Fund Partnerships program.

This program provides grants of up to $75,000 for councils who work together to develop sustainable projects and initiatives across council boundaries. The money can be used to develop business cases or feasibility studies to find innovative solutions that are good for the environment and improve the Council’s bottom line.

Last year, sixteen councils shared in $270,700 in funding for a range of projects that encouraged collaborative efforts.

Successful grant recipients in 2015 included:

  • $75,000 to Golden Plains Shire, City of Ballarat, Ararat Rural City and Pyrenees Shire for development of a community education and behavioural change program to reduce kerbside waste and improve recycling
  • $60,700 to fund an analysis of implementing a regional scale Solar Rates program for the cities of Yarra Ranges, Boroondara, Knox, Monash, Maroondah, Stonington and Whitehorse
  • $60,000 to Glenelg Shire and Southern Grampians Shire for an investigation into shared organics facility, to divert food and garden organics from landfill
  • $75,000 to Benalla City Council, Alpine Shire and Rural City of Wangaratta to investigate the feasibility of establishing a regional landfill site

The program aligns with a broader measure set out in the Local Government Act Review to encourage councils to better work together and reach collaborative arrangements.

For details and support for applications visit:

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