Import duty concessions on certain imported raw materials and intermediate goods such as chemical, plastics or paper goods.

Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM)

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The Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM) Program aims to improve the competitiveness of Australian industry by providing import duty concessions on certain imported raw materials and intermediate goods such as chemical, plastics or paper goods. In addition, Certain Inputs to Manufacture covers metal materials and goods which are used for the packaging of food.

Applications for the concession are primarily assessed on the basis of an independent technical assessment which demonstrates that the imported goods are substantially and demonstrably superior in certain respects to comparable goods produced in Australia for specific end products. Applications should also provide advice from the Industry Capability Network which identifies at least one Australian manufacturer of comparable goods.



The Certain Inputs to Manufacture provides duty-free imports of certain inputs that have a substantial and demonstrable performance advantage in producing a specific end product over substitutable goods produced in Australia.


Eligible Projects

The eligibility criteria used to assess an application under the Certain Inputs to Manufacture Scheme are:

  • Prospective in nature. Applications must be lodged before the materials or goods, which are the subject of the application, are imported.
  • Enhances competitiveness. The goods that are the subject of the application, must be intended for use in the production of particular end products where that good would generate a quantifiable and significant benefit to Australian competitiveness.
  • Eligibility of goods. Broadly eligibility is restricted to chemical, plastic and paper raw materials and intermediate goods and certain food packaging that has a substantial and demonstrable performance advantage over those produced in Australia.


Eligible Applicants

Applications can be made by, or on behalf of, an end user of the particular material or goods. When applying for the Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM) scheme, the applicant needs to submit:

  • the CIM application form and
  • Industry Capability Network (ICN) advice – identify all the possible local manufacturers of substitutable goods or if appropriate the applicant should:
    • contact the industry association representing Australian producers of the good intended to be imported and for which a CIM concession is being sought ; and
    • provide evidence that the applicant has approached all local manufacturers with specific design requirements for the specific end product to see if they are capable of manufacturing the specific end product


Assessment Process

Once the application has been submitted, AusIndustry will review all the supporting evidence. If the local manufacturer of raw material concedes that their locally made materials are not capable of producing a product which meets the specific design requirements for the specific end product, AusIndustry will process the application for the Delegate’s decision.

If the local manufacturer of raw materials contests the applicant’s argument, AusIndustry will provide the Delegate with the applicant’s case and the local manufacturer’s response and in some cases an independent technical assessor’s opinion. This information will assist the Delegate in forming an opinion on whether to issue a determination.



Applications can be made at any time.


Expert Assistance

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