Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Growth Funding

Up to $50M is available from CHSP Growth Funding to support older people to live as independently as possible in their own home and community.


Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Growth Funding

The Commonwealth Home Support Program Growth Funding round is available to eligible providers to deliver targeted service types in areas of high need identified by the Department of Health.



The CHSP is the entry-level tier of the aged care system. The CHSP aims to support frail, older people aged 65 years and over (or aged 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) to live as independently as possible in their own home and community for as long as they can and wish to do so.

The objectives of the CHSP are to:

  • Provide high-quality support, at a low intensity on a short-term or ongoing basis, or higher intensity services delivered on a short-term or episodic basis, to frail, older people to maximise their independence at home and in the community for as long as they choose, thereby enhancing their wellbeing and quality of life
  • Support frail, older clients aged 65 years and over (50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) through the direct service delivery of planned respite services, which will allow regular carers to take a break from their usual caring duties
  • Support clients to delay, or avoid altogether, the need to move into more expensive forms of aged care, such as Home Care Packages or residential aged care, so that whole-of-system aged care costs can be kept at a sustainable level as the population ages and the number of people requiring care increases
  • Ensure that all clients, including those with special needs, have equity of access to services that are socially and culturally appropriate and free from discrimination
  • Ensure through the quality framework, including the Home Care Standards, that clients receive high quality services
  • Facilitate client choice – to enhance the independence and wellbeing of older people, and ensure that services are responsive to the needs of clients
  • Provide a standardised assessment process which encompasses a holistic view of client needs
  • Provide flexible, timely services that are responsive to local needs.

Provision is made under the CHSP for growth funding to meet growth in the number of older Australians needing CHSP services. Growth funding is allocated on the basis of identified funding priorities. Data analysis was undertaken to identify the Aged Care Planning Regions (ACPR) and the service types of highest priority across the country. Broad consultation with the sector informed the priorities that are identified and targeted in this grant opportunity.

This grant opportunity seeks to meet the entry-level aged care needs of older Australians by increasing funding to meet targeted geographic and service needs of clients eligible for CHSP.



The focus of this grant opportunity is to target three CHSP Sub-Programs and 16 CHSP service types. The profile of the service mix varies across Aged Care Planning Regions to address the local need and availability of services.

The objectives of the grant opportunity are to:

  • allow high performing organisations in the aged and/or disability sector to receive new or additional funding under the CHSP;
  • target funding allocation to specific ACPR with identified gaps in service delivery; and
  • increase funding for high demand CHSP service types.



A minimum of $50 million (GST exclusive) is available in the 2019-20 financial year for this grant opportunity. Up to a further $20 million (GST exclusive) may be made available to organisations that are ranked as suitable as part of this process. It is intended that this growth funding will become ongoing base funding for those successful organisations under the extension of the CHSP. The extension of the CHSP from 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2022 will be subject to a separate grant opportunity.

The total number of grants awarded will be based on need, as demonstrated by applicants in their responses to the assessment criteria; the specific activities proposed by applicants; and the expected grant activity outcomes, with applicants ranked within ACPRs and service types. Grant funding may only be used for eligible activities outlined in this grant opportunity.

The minimum grant amount is $50,000 (GST exclusive). A grant cannot exceed the amount of available funding.


Eligible Projects

Successful applicants must deliver CHSP services in accordance with the Commonwealth General Grant Conditions (CGGCs) and the CHSP Manual. Applicants should be familiar with activities and service types funded under the CHSP as described in the CHSP Manual.  Eligible services must be delivered in the related Aged Care Planning Regions as outlined in the table at Appendix A – Priority Table. Priority will be given to applications for three or more service types within an Eligible Location. Where there are no, or an insufficient number of successful applicants, the Department reserves the right to direct funding allocated for an Eligible Location to another Eligible Location.

You can only spend grant funds on eligible grant activities as defined in your grant agreement. You must incur the expenditure on your grant activities between the start date and end date of your grant agreement for it to be eligible. You can only spend the grant on eligible expenditure you have incurred on agreed project activities.

Eligible expenditure items include:

  • the eligible CHSP sub-type activities (as referred to under ‘Chapter 3 – Sub-Programs: Eligibility and Services’ of the CHSP Manual) as identified in the Appendix A – Priority Table;
  • project establishment costs;
  • purchase of assistive technologies;
  • domestic transport and/or travel costs;
  • catering related to a project/activity;
  • guest speakers/facilitator/s;
  • project management fees;
  • administration fees;
  • printed communication materials;
  • information technology costs;
  • phone and communication costs;
  • installation costs relevant to the project/activity;
  • rental on premises;
  • purchase/hire of relevant equipment for project/activity;
  • staff wages;
  • volunteers expenses;
  • stationery costs;
  • postage costs;
  • technicians or staff salaries/costs;
  • venue and equipment hire to deliver the project; and
  • minor refurbishment works – in exceptional circumstances where required to improve client safety (such as the installation of a wheelchair ramp) and refurbishment or replacement of essential equipment, not already classed as an asset, for CHSP service delivery relevant to the
    funded activity. In these circumstances, approval for any modifications or refurbishment must be acquired from the property owners, if necessary, prior to applying for funding.

The guidelines on eligible expenditure may be updated from time to time. If your application is successful, the version in place when you submitted your application will be the version that applies to your grant activity.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible you must be an existing provider of aged care or disability services. As part of your application, you must provide at least one of the following:

  • Your organisation’s Approved Provider number;
  • Your organisation’s CHSP Program Schedule ID (if applicable); and/or
  • select that Yes when asked in the application form if you are a registered provider of services under the NDIS.

At least one form of identification from the above list is required.

Eligible organisations are encouraged to apply for three (3) or more service types within an Eligible Location, with the exception of where the specialisation of an organisation (e.g. Aboriginal Medical Service), or the nature of the service type means that it is not appropriate to be grouped with other services (e.g. Cottage Respite). Should this be the case, applicants must explain in the application form, why it is necessary.

Priority will be given to applications for three or more service types within an Eligible Location. Smaller organisations are encouraged to form consortia, with a lead organisation submitting one grant application. However, as outlined above, where providers have grounds for not being grouped with other services, they will not be disadvantaged.



Applications close 08 October 2019.


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