Up to $750,000 is available from CICP to maintain and build infrastructure or enhance cultural precincts for culturally diverse communities.

Community Infrastructure and Cultural Precincts (CICP)

Community Infrastructure and Cultural Precincts (CICP)

The Community Infrastructure and Cultural Precincts Program (CICP) offers grants to help maintain existing community infrastructure, build new community infrastructure, or enhance cultural precincts for culturally diverse communities. The CICP Program consolidates the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s (VMC) former Building and Facilities Improvement Grants and OMAC’s former Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund.



The Victorian Government is committed to preserving and promoting Victoria’s multicultural heritage, celebrating cultural diversity, leveraging economic benefits and promoting socially inclusive communities.

The CICP Program consolidates the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s (VMC) former Building and Facilities Improvements grants and OMAC’s former Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund. The program design, assessment process and grant recommendations are agreed utilising a collaborative approach between OMAC and the VMC.



The objectives of the program are to:

  • promote greater use of community facilities by Victoria’s culturally diverse communities; increasing their participation in activities and enhancing access to services; and
  • enable Victoria’s cultural precincts to remain sustainable and attractive for cultural and tourism activities.



Two streams of funding are available:

  • Small Grants – $500-$100,000, for minor works and upgrades to community facilities, and
  • Large Grants – $100,001-$750,000, for major upgrades and construction of new infrastructure and cultural precincts.


Eligible Projects

Small Grants

Minor works to:

  • existing community facilities (e.g. extension of an existing facility to provide additional meeting space, kitchen upgrade or ensuring equitable access); or
  • enhance streetscapes and public places that preserve and showcase the identity of existing cultural precincts in Victoria. These minor works could include improvements to culturally themed infrastructure within existing cultural precincts.

Large Grants

  • Major upgrades or construction of community facilities; or
  • Major upgrades and construction of cultural precincts in Victoria; and culturally themed infrastructure within cultural precincts.

The following applications can be supported; for projects that:

  • address the program objectives and funding criteria;
  • are submitted by an eligible organisation
  • have undergone sufficient planning and feasibility assessment;
  • secure the minimum matched funding contributions;
  • supply quotes from registered contractors or cost estimates from quantity surveyors;
  • are scheduled to commence implementation within one year after the offer of a grant has been made.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible under this round, organisation’s must:

  • be a not-for-profit entity or a Local Government Authority (LGA) who consults with culturally diverse groups and organisations and demonstrates they are enhancing infrastructure;
  • if a not-for-profit entity, be registered under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic), and
  • have a current Australian Business Number (ABN).

If your organisation does not meet the above criteria you must nominate an eligible auspice to apply for a grant. Auspice organisations must meet the above criteria, and can include local councils.

If applying through an auspice organisation, the applicant must also supply the auspice organisation’s ABN. The auspice will be responsible for management of the funding agreement with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship (Department of Premier and Cabinet).



Applications close 14 August 2017.


2017-18 Recipients

3CR Community Radio$30,075
63 Miller Street Epping Temple Charitable Trust$31,834
Africa Day Australia (ADA)$10,500
Alevi Communtiy Council of Victoria$40,000
Armenian General Benevolent Union$26,178
Association of Ukrainians in Victoria ‐ Newborough$22,500
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre$48,500
Australian Shia Gathering Place Inc$37,500
Ballarat Regional Multicultrual Council (BRMC)$75,000