Circular Economy Household Education Fund

Circular Economy Household Education Fund

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What is the Circular Economy Household Education Fund?

The Circular Economy Household Education Fund is a program provides funding to support education and awareness-raising activities related to the circular economy among households in the state.



The new household recycling services under the Circular Economy (CE) policy are:

  • a glass-only recycling service (kerbside bin or drop-off)
  • food organics and garden organics (FOGO) service (kerbside bin or drop-off)
  • adding food organics (FO) to an existing garden organics (GO) service
  • expanding existing opt-in GO or FOGO services to the entire municipality
  • changing bin lid colours to be consistent across the state
  • achieving a 4-stream household recycling service.



The objectives of the Circular Economy Household Education Fund are to:

  • provide councils and Alpine Resorts Victoria with financial support to use the Campaign Materials when introducing, improving or promoting household recycling services systems
  • educate and help Victorians to understand and use the new, upcoming, or existing services correctly, to achieve low levels of contamination.

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Circular Economy Household Education Fund


The Circular Economy Household Education Fund includes a base amount for all Applicants. It is:

  • $30,000 for each council
  • $100,000 for Alpine Resorts Victoria.


Eligible Projects

The activities involved with delivery of a campaign using the funding are referred to as the Project.

Funding will support Projects that:

  • take place in and service Victoria
  • be completed by 30 June 2025
  • use the Campaign Materials developed by Sustainability Victoria.

A minimum of 60% of the grant amount must be used on advertising the campaign locally, however Sustainability Victoria recommends 80% of the grant be allocated to advertising to reach all segments of the local community.

This includes advertising across all channels, including but not limited to print, radio, digital, selected out-of-home channels (such as billboards at transport stops and shopping centres) and direct mail. Advertising channels must be targeted to reach the municipality.

A maximum of 40% of the grant amount can be used for other activities such as:

  • localisation of the Campaign Materials developed by Sustainability Victoria, including incorporating the Applicant’s logo
  • production of materials designed for local use (for example, printing costs)
  • monitoring and evaluation of the Project
  • community-based social marketing and behavioural interventions for specific audience segments (for example, prompts in communal bin areas, incentives or competitions, visible social norms and diffusion techniques, such as use of gold stars or rewards for low contamination bins, direct feedback via bin tags or letterbox drops)
  • engagement activities (for example, external costs to run workshops, door-knocking, community tours, displays and events. These costs may include venue hire, advertising and production of materials)
  • an external Project delivery officer 100% dedicated to delivery of the Project, if it can be demonstrated this is essential.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding, Applicants must:

  • be from the 79 Victorian local governments (councils) or ARV
  • have not already received funding in previous funding rounds
  • have a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • demonstrate they are planning to deliver and evaluate a campaign to introduce, improve or promote household recycling systems
  • commence a project before 31 December 2024 and complete a project by 30 June
  • use the Campaign Guide to complete the application
  • agree to comply with the funding terms and conditions:
    • For grants $50,000 or less read the Short-form grant funding agreement.
    • For grants more than $50,000 read the General grant funding agreement.
  • agree to comply with Sustainability Victoria’s Terms of Participation in Grant Programs.

Applicants are encouraged to contact their respective Sustainability Victoria Regional Engagement Lead to discuss their application and receive support.

Need Assistance?

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Circular Economy Household Education Fund


Applications close 17 March 2023.


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