Citizen Science Grants

What is the Citizen Science Grants?

The Citizen Science Grants are competitive grants to support community participation in scientific research projects that have a national impact. This grant opportunity is part of the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme which provides funding for a range of initiatives delivered under the Inspiring Australia banner.



The objective of the Citizen Science Grants – Round 2 is to engage the public in science by offering opportunities to participate, as citizen scientists, in scientific research projects that have a national impact and include the collection or transformation of data in Australia. This grant opportunity is part of the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme.

The intended outcome of the grant opportunity is increased community participation in scientific research projects where participants learn new skills, form new networks, receive acknowledgement for their participation, and receive updates on their participation in specific research projects.



The Citizen Science Grants – Round 2 provides eligible entities with competitive grants from $150,000 to $500,000 for research projects in a field of science that has a national impact and supports community participation.

The grant will be up to 85% of eligible project expenditure. You are responsible for funding the remaining 15% of eligible project expenditure plus any ineligible expenditure.


Eligible Projects

The Citizen Science Grants – Round 2 funds projects that provide all Australians with opportunities to participate in scientifically valid citizen science projects. Through the program, and building on the Australian Government’s National Science Statement and Advancing Women in STEM strategy, these grants deliver projects to engage and empower Australians in science while building their skills and scientific literacy.

This round will support projects that contribute to areas of national significance by addressing these specific focus areas:

  • disaster resilience and preparedness
  • environmental change
  • cyber security and artificial intelligence
  • food and agribusiness

To be eligible your project must:

  • be a research project in a field of science addressing one or more of the priority areas of national significance for this round, described at 2.1 of the guidelines
  • include either data collection or transformation of data as an eligible activity
  • include the active participation of the community, as citizen scientists, during the life of the project
  • not have been previously funded through the Citizen Science Grants program

The project must not place an unreasonable financial burden on citizen scientist participants.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian business number (ABN)

and be one of the following entities:

  • an entity, incorporated in Australia
  • an eligible publicly funded research organisation as defined in section 14 of the grant opportunity guidelines
  • an incorporated not for profit organisation
  • a local government agency or body (including government business enterprises).



Applications close 17 December 2020.


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