CivVic Labs Accelerator

What is the CivVic Labs Accelerator?

CivVic Labs is a new accelerator that will connect startups with government procurement opportunities. The program will guide government challenge owners and startups through a collaborative process to solve public sector challenges. During this period, CivVic Labs will provide financial and in-kind resources, capacity building activities, as well as advisory services to support your growth.



CivVic Labs brings government and startups together to solve public sector challenges.

Startups accepted into our three-month accelerator will work directly with a potential government customer on an MVP, supported with $30k funding, mentors and office space in exchange for a ‘Simple Agreement for Future Equity’ (SAFE).

At the end of the program, our startups have the opportunity to win a $150k contract to implement the solution.

All IP created by the startup during the engagement will be owned by the startup.

The Program is a joint initiative between LaunchVic and the Victorian Government Public Sector Innovation Fund which is managed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.



CivVic Labs offers you the opportunity to;

  • Develop an understanding of, and access to, Government procurement contracts
  • Receive funding, resources and mentorship to work alongside government to solve live public-sector challenges
  • Make an impact by working on these challenges that can make a real difference in the everyday lives of Victorians

CivVic Labs offers startups and government a new way of working together. The program aims to strengthen their understanding of each other and their ability to successfully develop smarter solutions. The curriculum is designed for the most ideal flow for startups and government partners to work through, in order to develop a robust product (that can be adopted and implemented on the Government side) whilst contributing to the startup’s business growth, furthering the product to serve a larger market beyond this particular case.



Three shortlisted startups will commence in a 3-week Pre-Accelerator, in which each startup will receive $5,000 cash and in-kind support to further develop and co-design their concepts and ideas with the government challenge owners. The most promising startup will advance to the 3-month Accelerator, where the startup will receive additional funding of $30,000 cash and additional in-kind support. A contract will be awarded to the startup at the end of the program, subject to the delivery of an acceptable MVP.

For the duration of the program, you will have access to hot desks in the Accelerator Space in the Victorian Innovation Hub at 710 Collins St, Docklands. While working at the Victorian Innovation Hub, you will have access to meeting room facilities, basic kitchen facilities, locker, showers, bicycle parking facilities and WiFi access.



The program is industry-agnostic and is open to both for-profit and impact startups that understand and can address the challenge. A startup is a ‘business with high impact potential that uses innovation and/or addresses scalable markets’.

Victorian Government departments and agencies signing up to the CivVic Labs program will be asked to define a public sector challenge that would benefit from innovative thinking and new technology. Working in a collaborative environment, government Challenge Owners will work with startups to co-design solutions to their identified challenges.



Applications close 27 July 2020.


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