Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program

While the program may have closed, the Government is still funding projects. Graincorp receives $16.4 M to consolidate operations which results in 130 job losses.
Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program



The Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program is an $200 million competitive, merit-based grants program. It will support Australian manufacturers to maintain competitiveness in a carbon constrained economy, through investments in energy efficient capital equipment and low pollution technologies, processes and products.


Still Funding Projects

While the program may have closed in November 2013, the Government is still funding projects in February 2014. Since December it has funded over $25M of projects including:

  • Graincorp receives $16.4 M to consolidate operations and upgrade equipment with new, more energy efficient equipment
  • Kilcoy Pastoral Company receives $1.1 M to install smart controls and load switching on the refrigeration plants to improve energy efficiency and performance
  • Nu-Pure receives $600,000 to replace an existing bottle line at Stapylton, Queensland with a new energy efficient bottling line in Melbourne, Victoria


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply for the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program, an applicant must:

  • operate in the food or foundries manufacturing industry within Australia;
  • be a non tax exempt corporation that is incorporated in Australia under a law of the Commonwealth or of a State or Territory and is undertaking manufacturing activities in Australia;

You are not eligible to apply for program funding if you are:

  • an individual, partnership or trust. However, an incorporated trustee corporation can apply on behalf of a trust;
  • a non factory based bakery business, including a business that manufactures and sells bread and other bakery products from the same premises;
  • a non factory based food preparation business. This includes restaurants, hotel kitchens and catering firms; or
  • eligible for funding under the Australian Government’s Steel Transformation Plan.


Eligible Projects

Examples of eligible Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program projects could include:

  • supporting the development of products and adoption and deployment of technologies to reduce energy use and/or carbon emissions at manufacturing facilities;
  • projects establishing new facilities that replace existing eligible manufacturing facilities;
  • process re-engineering involving the adoption of energy or carbon efficient manufacturing;
  • supporting the conversion of facilities from coal to natural gas;
  • investing in cogeneration plants; and
  • assistance with the implementation of energy efficiency opportunities for example:
  • improved design in production systems
  • behavioural changes e.g. reducing unnecessary usage
  • intelligent control systems for production and factory management
  • waste heat recovery, including co-generation, insulation, heat exchange recovery on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, condenser heat recovery in industrial refrigeration
  • intelligent lighting, including improved lighting design, efficient lighting technology and control systems
  • improved efficiency for refrigeration and HVAC systems, including improved technology,maintenance, controls, set points, sensor location, rapid heat load shedding
  • improved electrical motor efficiency, including high efficiency motors, system design, motor starting systems, variable speed/load motors and control systems (reducing number of start times)



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