Clean Technology Innovation

Clean Technology Innovation

What Is The Clean Technology Innovation Commercial Readiness Stream?

The Clean Technology Innovation Commercial Readiness Stream offers grants between $250,000 and $5 million to New South Wales companies. These grants support projects that advance low emissions technologies towards commercial viability, driving innovation in clean technology for a sustainable future.



The Clean Technology Innovation Commercial Readiness Stream is part of the Net Zero Plan, underpinning the New South Wales government’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. This initiative underscores the government’s dedication to fostering innovation, reducing industrial emissions, and positioning NSW as a leader in clean technology development and adoption.



The objectives of the Clean Technology Innovation Commercial Readiness Stream are:

  • Reduce Industrial Emissions: To diminish the carbon footprint of industrial activities in NSW.
  • Unlock Low Emissions Technologies: To catalyse the development and commercialisation of technologies that are essential for NSW’s transition to a net-zero future.
  • Foster an Innovation Ecosystem: To cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that encourages ongoing clean technology innovations.
  • Attract Leading Clean Tech Companies: To draw world-class clean technology companies and innovations to NSW, boosting the state’s reputation as a clean technology powerhouse.


Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for the Clean Technology Innovation are:

  • Entities incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
  • Research organisations applying through commercialisation departments
  • Commonwealth, state, or territory-owned corporations
  • Local government councils
  • International NGOs aiming to establish an Australian entity for clean technology commercialisation


Eligible Expenditure

The eligible expenditure for the Clean Technology Innovation are:

  • Technology development and prototyping
  • Construction of testing infrastructure
  • Product verification and compliance testing
  • Demonstration and deployment of technologies in real-world settings


How to get the Clean Technology Innovation

In order to get the Clean Technology Innovation Commercial Readiness Stream, you will need to focus on:

    1. Define Technology: Clearly explain your technology’s function, uniqueness, and the project’s aims and deliverables.
    2. TRL Pathways: Identify how your technology will advance in the Technology Readiness Level scale.
    3. Delivery Capability: Show your team’s ability to execute the project, citing past successes or expertise.
    4. Financial Viability: Demonstrate the commercial potential and co-funding arrangements for a 1:1 match.
    5. Value for Money: Justify your project as cost-effective and efficient.
    6. Risk and Timeline Management: Outline identified risks and timelines with strategies to address them.
    7. Strategic Alignment: Align your project with NSW Government’s strategic goals, especially those related to decarbonisation.
    8. Benefits to NSW: Show the economic, environmental, and social benefits for NSW.
    9. Address Challenges: Highlight potential project challenges and your strategies to manage them.
    10. Co-Contribution Evidence: Provide evidence of securing co-contribution funding.



The closing date for the Clean Technology Innovation is on 5 April 2024.


More Information


Ready for Stage 2?

We have got your covered. Follow our formula for success

  1. Describe your technology’s main functionality. How does it work? – 6.3%
  2. What is novel about your technology? How does it differ from existing solutions? – 5.7%
  3. What are the project’s main goals, objectives, and expected deliverables? – 5.4%
  4. Can you provide supporting documents like engineering designs and detailed plans? – 4.8%
  5. How does your technology advance on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale? – 6.9%
  6. What emission reductions do you expect within the target sector if your technology is commercialised? – 7.1%
  7. Do you have evidence of feasibility, such as completed research and tests? – 4.6%
  8. How capable is your team of delivering the project on time and within budget? Provide examples of similar projects. – 6.5%
  9. Are staff and contractors adequately qualified? Please include resumes. – 4.2%
  10. What governance arrangements will manage the project? Describe roles and responsibilities. – 4.9%
  11. Do you have letters of support from industry partners or investors? – 5.2%
  12. How does your business model work? What makes your technology appealing to customers? – 7.8%
  13. Who are your intended customers and how big is the target market? – 6.1%
  14. Who are your main competitors and what is your competitive advantage? – 5.6%
  15. What is the total funding requirement for the project, and how do you plan to meet it? – 6.7%
  16. What is your strategy for intellectual property management and protection? – 7.3%
  17. If applicable, what is your manufacturing strategy upon successful commercialisation? – 3.8%
  18. Can you provide a detailed project plan with measurable goals and timelines? – 5.9%
  19. What are the potential risks and your strategies for mitigating them? – 5.5%
  20. How does your project align with NSW’s strategic objectives, and what benefits will it bring? – 4.4%


Now for the real secret

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