Clean-Up and Restoration Grant Primary Producers

Up to $25,000 is available for clean-up, removal of debris as a result of the flood event of late February to early March 2012.


A Clean-up and Restoration Grant of up to $25,000 is available for clean-up, removal of debris and business restoration to Primary Producers located in the Shires of Greater Shepparton, Indigo, Moira and Towong who have suffered direct physical damage as a result of the flood event of late February to early March 2012.

The grant is not intended to replace the need for insurance or to provide compensation for losses. Any grant for clean-up work that is subsequently covered by an insurance claim is to be repaid.

All claims for assistance are assessed on an individual basis and should be accompanied by 30 day invoices and receipts if available to support the expenditure claimed.

Alternatively in principle approval may be sought before expenditure is committed but invoices and/or receipts will be required before payment is made.



Primary producers must have suffered direct damage as a result of the specified flood event. This may include repairs or clean up associated with damage to farm buildings, crops (broadacre and horticultural), pasture, stock, fencing, plant and equipment. Loss of income is not an eligible item.

An eligible primary producer is one who:

  • is registered as a primary producer with the Australian Tax Office, has an ABN,
  • has a right or interest in land for the purpose of primary production,
  • contributes a significant part of his/her labour and capital to the farming enterprise, and
  • derives more than 51% of his/her individual income from the farming enterprise. To this end the applicant is running a bona-fide commercial scale operation.

Evidence of ownership (rates notice) or a copy of a lease or share farming agreement should be lodged with the application. In some cases the owner of the farm is not the operator of the farming enterprise and both may wish to claim assistance. In these cases a joint claim may be lodged by the land owner and business operator – lessee or sharefarmer.

For the purpose of the program a farm of commercial scale is deemed to be one that is of sufficient size to generate an income that will meet all operating costs, service debt and provide a living for the farming family. As a guide it is anticipated that turnover would exceed $50,000 per annum under normal business conditions.

Normal business conditions refers to a year with no adverse climatic conditions (drought/flood/fire) in which average yields/productivity is achieved. Normal year income is based on this productivity and long term average commodity prices.

Lifestyle or hobby farmers are ineligible.

The Clean-up and Restoration Grant is a discretionary payment and although not income tested is based on the needs of the applicant, which must be demonstrated through an assessment process. Please note that the assistance does not cover household (individuals); householders have access to personal hardship and distress grants.



The Clean-up and Restoration Grant can assist with a range of measures including:

  • clean-up costs including hire of equipment, materials and external labour (internal labour cannot be supported)
  • removal and disposal of debris and damaged goods and materials
  • restoration of business activity
  • payment for tradespersons to conduct safety inspections
  • repairs to buildings (other than housing)
  • fencing not covered by any other assistance
  • health maintenance for livestock
  • purchase of fodder (not covered by other assistance)
  • reconditioning/repairing essential plant and equipment
  • hire/lease costs for equipment essential to the immediate resumption of farming
  • replacement of lost equipment


Grant Entitlements

The amount of the Clean-up and Restoration Grant is based on need after allowing for insurance recoveries. A maximum of $25,000 is available.

GST is excluded from any grant assessment.

Payments are made by cheque or direct credit to the primary producer’s nominated bank account.

Invoices are required to be lodged before any payment is made.


Conditions of Clean-Up and Restoration Grant Assessments

Applications must be made by 30 September 2012.

Any applicant found to have provided information of a fraudulent nature may be liable to prosecution and will be required to repay the grant.


Applying For a Grant or Further Information

To apply for the grant, a Flood Application Clean-up and Restoration Grant – Primary Producers form will need to be completed and lodged as soon as possible.

The completed application including the signed Statutory Declaration together with:

  • a copy of photographic identification of the principal applicant; and
  • other supporting documents including photographs of the flood and/or other evidence of flood damage

should be forwarded to:

Rural Finance PO Box 1313 Bendigo Central 3552

Further information can be obtained via:

Ph: (03) 5448 2600

Fax: (03) 5441 8901



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