Climate Change Innovation Grants

Up to $300,000 is available from Climate Change Innovation Grants to support the development of innovative solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Climate Change Innovation Grants

Climate Change Innovation Grants

The Climate Change Innovation Grants will support Victorian organisations to be local leaders in the development of innovative solutions to the challenges of climate change.



Victoria’s Climate Change Framework sets out our shared vision for a net zero emissions, climate resilient Victoria in 2050 and makes the connections between climate change and the health of our economy and our communities. For a successful transition to a low carbon and climate resilient future, the Victorian Government needs to accelerate the rate at which climate change innovation occurs.

The Virtual Centre for Climate Change Innovation (VCCCI) has been established to strengthen Victoria’s role as a climate change leader. The Virtual Centre program is designed to foster innovative approaches and collaboration between community, businesses, industry, researchers and government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. The program will be delivered in three interrelated streams of work:

  • Climate Change Innovation Grants program, which will engage the community in targeted climate change priorities
  • Climate Change Marketplace events, which will support capacity building and collaboration for climate change action
  • Partnership Agreement between the Victorian Government and Climate KIC Australia, which will drive innovative and systemic change in climate change responses.



The Climate Change Innovation Grants is designed to:

  • foster action, innovation and collaboration between businesses, industry, researchers and government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change
  • drive greater investment into high impact innovations that provide solutions to challenges that inhibit the ability of our communities, environment and businesses to be prosperous in the face of climate change.



The program will provide $3.8 million in competitive grants funding for innovative climate change mitigation and adaptation projects across Victoria to be delivered by December 2019. Successful projects will receive $50,000$300,000 in funding.


Eligible Projects

Projects must meet the following mandatory eligibility criteria:

  • Support innovative action to either reduce emissions or manage the impacts of climate change.
  • Facilitate collaboration between communities and/or government and/or business and/or research through project partnerships of two or more organisations.
  • Demonstrate economic relevance to the region in which activities will take place.

Project proposals need to ensure that the timeline and duration of the proposed innovation aligns with timelines of the Victorian Climate Change Innovation Grants. Projects must be complete by December 2019.


Eligible Applicants

The program will be open to organisations such as those outlined below across regional Victoria and Melbourne and its surrounds. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate collaboration between two or more partners.

Applications are encouraged from:

  • community organisations
  • local businesses
  • research and industry focused organisations
  • tertiary or vocational education institutions
  • non-government organisations
  • local government in collaboration with other partners (i.e. community organisations, educational institutions or business).

All organisations must be based in Australia and deliver services to Victorian communities. Individuals are not eligible to apply for this funding.

Victorian Government and its agencies, such as Catchment Management Authorities or Waste Resource Recovery Groups for example, are encouraged to be part of the collaboration with Climate Change Innovation project lead organisations to provide their expertise and ideas for innovation.

In addition, applicant organisations must:

  • be an incorporated body, cooperative or association (including business associations)
  • possess an Australian Business Number (ABN) or can provide written advice from the Australian Tax Office that no withholding tax is required from the grant payment
  • be financially solvent.

Three broad application categories have been identified for the Climate Change Innovation Grants program – Explore, Show and Grow.



Applications close 30 November 2017.


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