Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative

Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative

What is the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative?

The Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative offers up to $2 million to Australian agricultural businesses for projects that implement sustainable farming practices and technologies. This initiative is designed to support the agricultural sector in its transition to more sustainable and climate-resilient practices.



The Australian Government recognises the vital role of the agricultural sector in the economy and its significant impact on the natural environment. In response to the growing challenges of climate change and the need for sustainable resource management, the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative was established. This program aims to encourage and assist farmers and agricultural businesses in adopting practices that reduce environmental impact, improve soil health, conserve water, and enhance biodiversity.



The objectives of the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative are to:

  • Support the agricultural sector in reducing its carbon footprint and improving environmental sustainability.
  • Enhance the resilience of agricultural businesses to climate change by promoting adaptive and mitigation practices.
  • Foster innovation in sustainable agriculture through the adoption of new technologies and practices.
  • Contribute to the protection and enhancement of Australia’s biodiversity and natural resources.


Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative include:

  • Australian agricultural businesses with a current Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Farmers and landholders engaged in agricultural activities.
  • Agricultural cooperatives and collectives.
  • Research institutions and organisations working in partnership with the agricultural sector.


Eligible Expenditure

The eligible expenditure for the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative are:

  • Implementing sustainable farming techniques and practices.
  • Adopting and developing climate-resilient crop varieties and livestock breeds.
  • Installing water-saving irrigation systems and technologies.
  • Conducting research and development projects focused on sustainability and climate adaptation.
  • Training and professional development related to sustainable agricultural practices.


How to get the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative

In order to get the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative grant you will need to focus on:

  1. Demonstrate Environmental Impact – Highlight how your project contributes to reducing emissions and building resilience against climate change within the agricultural sector.
  2. Align with Carbon and Biodiversity Goals – Show your project’s support for harnessing carbon sequestration and biodiversity enhancement, aligning with industry sustainability frameworks.
  3. Promote Sustainable Practices – Outline how your initiative encourages the adoption of sustainable natural resource management practices to protect and conserve natural capital and biodiversity.
  4. Detail Project Innovation – Describe innovative tools or practices your project will develop or trial to increase productivity and profitability in a climate-smart way.
  5. Provide a Clear Implementation Plan – Offer a detailed plan on how the project will be rolled out, including timelines and milestones.
  6. Show Community and Industry Engagement – Demonstrate how your project will engage with and benefit the broader community and agricultural industry.
  7. Explain Capacity Building Measures – Describe how your project will build capacity within the community for sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.
  8. Detail Financial Leverage – Show how the grant will leverage additional private sector investment or support the implementation of public tourism infrastructure.
  9. Outline Expected Outcomes – Clearly state the anticipated environmental, economic, and social outcomes of your project.
  10. Provide Evidence of Readiness – Confirm your readiness to proceed, including any preliminary studies, partnerships, or resources already in place.


Applications for the Climate-Smart Landcare Initiative close on 30 June 2024.


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