Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants (CPAR)

What is the Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants (CPAR)?

The Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants (CPAR) is a program that will provide financial assistance to Victorian coastal Crown land managers to reduce coastal risk and improve public access.



The Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants program provides financial assistance to coastal Crown land managers for projects that reduce coastal risk through identification, mitigation and monitoring. Given the range of risks that are inherent in a dynamic coastal environment, this program aims to support a strategic and balanced approach to risk management along the Victorian coast.



The total funding available is $500,000 over the period of 3 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

Grants of up to $80,000 (excluding GST) are available to successful applicants. The program provides a financial contribution to projects based on the annual revenue of the applicant.


Eligible Projects

The following types of activities (or projects) are eligible for funding:

  • Risk identification, assessment and evaluation
    • feasibility / preliminary studies and investigations
    • condition or safety audits.
  • Risk treatment
    • works supported by strategic risk assessments, coastal and marine management plans, preliminary condition audits or engineering and geotechnical reports
    • removal of damaged or dangerous assets
    • renewal or replacement of coastal dependent assets or infrastructure
    • installation of signage and access barriers or fencing
    • construction of safe access structures (for example handrails, stairs, ramps)
    • engineering responses to geological and erosion risks.
  • Risk monitoring
    • land stability monitoring
    • longitudinal studies (for example erosion, coastal processes, geotechnical).

Crown land managers in developing and implementing projects that reduce risk and prioritise public access to coastal Crown land. DELWP recognises that projects will be varied given the range of risks and mitigation approaches.

All projects funded under the program must provide outcomes that contribute to the overall objective of reducing risk on coastal Crown land.


Eligible Applicants

This program provides funds for activities that support coastal Crown land managers to develop and implement projects that reduce risk and prioritise public access to coastal Crown land.

The following organisations can apply for funding:

  • Victorian coastal Crown land managers, including Parks Victoria, local councils and other committees of management.

In addition, to be eligible for funding applicants must:

  • be financially solvent and
  • have fully expended and delivered all funding received in previous CPAR grant rounds to the satisfaction of DELWP.



Applications close 18 August 2020.


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