Coca-Cola Australia Foundation

Up to $10,000 is available to local organisations for projects that aim to make a positive difference in the lives of young Australians.

Coca-Cola Foundation


The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation (CCAF) is an independent charitable trust funded by the Coca-Cola System in Australia which supports organisations working to improve the lives of marginalised young Australians.  Each year through its grant program, the Foundation distributes AUD1.1 million to programs assisting disadvantaged young people.



The Coca-Cola Australian Foundation (CCAF) was established as a joint initiative of Coca-Cola Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil in 2002, with the first grants being awarded to selected not-for-profit and charitable organisations in the same year.

The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation was created to bring together all the existing community programs being run by Coca-Cola Australia & Coca-Cola Amatil and to build on the long legacy of community support going back to the initial introduction of Coca-Cola into Australia in 1937.

In a more recent review in 2007, the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation’s charter was further refined to more specifically target at-risk youth in Australia, build in the flexibility to support successful programmes long-term, whilst maintaining the focus on supporting “innovative or unique” programs.

Originally ‘created for the purpose of development of the young people of Australia through the advancement of art, culture, education, recreation and sports.’ This charter was reframed in 2003 as ‘a giving program devoted to enriching the lives of Australian youth and the communities in which they live, to encourage young Australians from all backgrounds to develop skills and attitudes which will assist them throughout their lives.’

It was envisaged that funding would be available for ‘projects that are ambitious, innovative or unique in their approach in assisting Australia’s young people realise their potential.’



Using the funding provided by the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation we hope to inspire change in the following areas:

    • Education – providing and enhancing basic numeracy and literacy skills to help young people to improve their everyday quality of life.
    • Leadership – enabling young people to develop confidence and leadership skills for their futures.
    • Wellbeing – promoting physical fitness, nutrition education and social wellbeing amongst young people.
    • Environment – improving the physical and social environment for future generations of young people.


Coca-Cola Australian Foundation (CCAF) Grants

National Grants

Through the National Grant program, the Foundation partners with a small number of organisations to fund large-scale national based programs.  These grants are awarded for a period of one to five years.

The Foundation’s National Grant program is currently full and we are not accepting new applications for National Grants.  When we reopen this program to new applications we will update the information on this website.

Community Grants

Community Grants are one-off grants up to AUD10,000.


Eligible Projects

The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation focuses on four core areas of marginalisation:

    • Social/economic marginalisation – often due to a breakdown in family or community support, low-income, poor education, drug and/or alcohol dependency, homelessness, or a combination of these factors.
    • Marginalisation amongst indigenous youth – with an emphasis on poor literacy and numeracy, health issues, poor nutrition, social exclusion, or a combination of these factors.
    • Physical marginalisation – specifically due to living in remote or rural regions of Australia.
    • Mental health issues and youth depression – an increasing focus on mental health, as a growing issue amongst young Australians.


Eligible Applicants

You can apply for a Coca-Cola Australia Foundation Community Grant if:

    • Your organisation must have Deductible Gift Recipient status from the Australian Taxation Office.
    • The program must target marginalised young Australians primarily aged between 12 and 25 years old who are facing major social, physical and/or economic challenges in their lives.
    • The program must fit with the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation’s charter addressing the core areas of education, leadership, wellbeing and environment.
    • The program must be outcome focused and be able to demonstrate a difference to, or improvement on, the specific youth issue it seeks to address.
    • The program must be innovative.  The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation actively seeks programs that look to tackle the causes of youth marginalisation in unique and innovative ways.

Grants may also be available from the US based Coca-Cola Foundation for certain programs that do not meet Coca-Cola Australia Foundation criteria.



You can apply for funding up to $10,000 AUD.



  • Round 1 – applications close on 27 March 2015.
  • Round 2 – applications close TBC

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