Collaborative Drilling Initiative (CDI)

Up to $150,000 is available to help fund drilling projects in under-explored parts of Queensland.

Collaborative Drilling Initiative (CDI)

Collaborative Drilling Initiative

The Queensland Government’s Collaborative Drilling Initiative for north-west Queensland (CDI-NWQ) is designed to stimulate investment in under-explored parts of this region, and testing innovative exploration using a broad range of exploration drilling techniques.



To support exploration investment in the North West Queensland Minerals and Energy Queensland (NWQMEP), the $0.5 million CDI  provides funding assistance to test high risk or innovative exploration concepts aiming to develop a new understanding of the geology and prospectivity in the NWQMEP, and expand exploration into under explored areas.

This Initiative is designed to directly support companies in the development of high quality, innovative exploration targets into potential economic deposits.



The CDI aims to encourage your business to invest in drilling exploration projects in under-explored areas in Queensland. This will increase the knowledge and perception of the prospectivity of the NWQMEP, accelerate discoveries and potentially lead to the definition of a new generation of mineral and energy resources.



Eligible applicants can apply for a grant to meet half their project drilling costs, to a maximum of $150,000.


Eligible Projects

Estimated costs can be provided for the following eligible activities:

  • Drilling
  • Mobilisation (capped at 5% of total grant)
  • Pad preparation and rehabilitation
  • Local travel – fuel costs of vehicle to transport drill team from campsite to active CDI drill site
  • Downtime (capped at $5000.00)
  • Downhole orientation survey
  • Wireline logging
  • Drill hole geochemistry
  • Offsite testing (short timeline)
  • Core scanning

Only itemised costs for the activity will be eligible for reimbursement under the CDI.

Eligible Applicants

CDI is open to existing mineral, petroleum, gas, coal and geothermal explorers. Under the Initiative, drilling activities are funded jointly by industry and government.

To be eligible:

  • your project must be in the North Queensland Minerals and Energy Province
  • you must be able to meet half of the project costs.



Applications close 27 January 2017.


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